Financial aid package final

Financial Aid assists students to reach their academic goals. Financial Aid is the assistance provided to pay the educational expenses of the students for a successful Academic Degree. To gain the Financial Aid, minimum eligible institutions are state, federal, institutional, or private sources. Every academic year billions of dollars are given to the eligible students as a Financial Aid.


In order to get all the Financial Aids sponsored by a college, he need to check whether he is eligible to that particular college Financial Aid or not. Financial Aid Eligibility will be depending on,whether the student is enrolled for part time or full time course.


The minimum Eligibility Requirement is to enroll for a degree program are:


You must have a valid social security number


You must not miss any federal education payments or owe any federal grant money


You must register with the Selective Service if you are male


To gain the Financial Aid the student must be eligible citizen or eligible non-citizens.


Eligible non-citizens include:


U.S. citizens


U.S. permanent citizens


Migrant students


Students with asylum granted


Students with indefinite parole


A non-citizens of U.S can be eligible with an International Student Visa, Tourist Visa, and G-Series Visa.


Procedures for determination of satisfactory academic progress for financial aid eligibility:


Full time under graduate course students should have satisfactory academic record to be eligible for the continued financial aid package.


He should not be suspended or on probation according to University Policy.


He should pass 12 or more semester hours with different grades like A,B,C,D,S,CR at the end of the first academic year.


He should have 125% or more attendance required for the degree completion.


Part-time undergraduate students are required to pass all the credit hours attempted each semester.


The applicant should not be suspended in the course period to retain the eligibility for continuous Financial Aid.


An undergraduate second degree student also must have same edibility criteria as mentioned above.


Graduate or professional program students also should have same satisfactory background to continue for the Financial Aid Eligibility requirement.


Guidelines of Financial Eligibility Requirement:


The particular college's scholarships and Financial Aid Reviews Office reviews all the applied students' record at the end of each semester to confirm, whether the students are having good academic satisfactory or placed on probation. Those who are not having the satisfactory academic record can be denied from Financial Aid Package program until he gets the good academic satisfactory certificate. The students financial review committee evaluates, whether the students passed the required number of credit hours for the eligibility criteria or not.


If a student is not eligible for Financial Aid may reestablish the eligibility requirements by providing a medical, illness, injury, death in the family or other medical related documents along with the petition. Otherwise he can be expected to finish a full-time semester of coursework successfully before the petitioning. The Financial Aid Office will review the petitions on an individual basis and reestablish the Financial Aid Eligibility.


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