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Student and the Future World:

The future of the world is in the hands of students. This is the most efficient power in this universe. Now at the moment, we are just suffering from wars everywhere in the world. There is no peace of mind to any one. It is just because that there is no unity with other countries. Only during the school time, students are educated and taught about the unity. Unless we have a strong group of students with strong human power, it would not be possible for any body to stop wars. The basic need of the world is unity. This is only possible with the students. It is the bounden responsibility of the parents to bring them up and make them as a powerful agent.



When we talk of the students, we always think of the high level matured students. In fact, there are three different stages to be a successful student. The first stage is childhood student. The second stage is teenage student and the final stage is matured student. It would be better to teach them in the first stage itself. At this stage, the mind of the students would be very tender and very sharp. But at the same time, they know nothing. They have the tendency to follow the instructions given to them blindly. So, the teacher and parents should take care and teach them the morals and to be united with others.

There are many different ranges of students. That is, there are very rich people, who send them to the highest level of schools. There are people with normal income, who can not afford to send them to the highest level of teaching institutions. But, at the same time, there are many people around the world with a very low level income, who can not even think of these schools. It would be a very big financial problem for them to send their children to these schools. For this purpose, the governments are providing them with financial assistance. It is the same principle throughout the world.

In some countries, the government is helping in all the ways to feed them and educate them without any financial commitments. There are people who belong to the forward community and there are people in the backward community. In most of the cases, the forward community people are rich and they can afford to spend money for the education of their children. Of course, there are a few people in the forward community citizens, who can not afford to spend money for the education purposes. These people can also get the help of the government for their education.

But there are many people living in the world below the poverty line. It is the bounden duty of the government to take care of them and educate them in the appropriate way so that the future generation would be highly educated and cultured. So, in this way, each and every child should be sent to school to learn.

Coming back to the first stage of the student, the students should be taught how to live in this world. We should teach them the qualities those are required to stand tall in this world. They should be taught to have a broad thought, deep thinking, and to be generous.

They should be taught the way of sharing what they have with them. If these are taught at this age, it would go very deep into their mind and surely it would stay for ever.

In the second stage, that is the teenage stage student, they should be given the modern education. In some countries, the education provided in the schools is not sufficient enough for the children to face the day to day problems. The parents should take special care and interest to educate them in such a way that they are very brilliant in the subjects as well as in the general knowledge. Once they finish the school studies, they should be ready to join the colleges for higher studies.

In the final stage, that is the matured student stage, the government and the other organizations should take care of the students. Of course, there are many banks for this purpose. The logic is that no student should be denied the opportunity of higher studies.

Since the students are educated well in the beginning stage itself, there would be no problems for the financial institutions to get back the amount they provide for the children. But at the same time, there is a big problem for the students to avail the loan from the banks. No bank would be interested in providing loan without any guarantor. It would not be possible for the student to create a guarantor. In many countries, the government takes care of the students and they insist the banks to provide money for their education purpose without any securities. Then, it would be convenient for the students to study whatever they want and wherever they wish.

In India, the government takes utmost care to provide all the helps to the students. Since India is a poor country and there are many students belong to the backward community, the central government and all the state governments have created a separate department to handle this. Even, the government is providing free education loans for the backward students. The same method is followed in many countries also. At the same time, the students also should not expect the help from their governments. After finishing their education, they should try to do a self business. This would help them to stand on their own legs. Once they are in the business, they should also try to help others by providing job opportunities to other students. If they start to work in this way, surely there would be no poverty and there would be no persons without proper education.

Since the next generation surely is going to be highly educated, and cultured and generous, we can be confident of enjoying the war free world very soon. Each and every person can live very happily.

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