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Massachusetts State and Local Government is made up of a complex network of agencies, departments, and offices that are responsible for the various functions of government in the state. The state government is led by the Governor, who is elected by the people of Massachusetts to serve as the chief executive of the state.

The state legislature is the lawmaking body in Massachusetts, and is made up of two branches: the Senate and the House of Representatives. The state judiciary is the branch of government that is responsible for interpreting the laws and ensuring that they are applied fairly and uniformly.

The local governments in Massachusetts are responsible for providing many of the services that are essential to the daily lives of the state's residents. These services include public education, public safety, and public works.

The state of Massachusetts has a strong tradition of public engagement and participation in government. The state's residents have the opportunity to participate in the political process by voting in elections, attending town meetings, and serving on local boards and committees.

Overall, the Massachusetts State and Local Government is an essential part of the state's political and social fabric. Its agencies, departments, and offices work together to ensure that the people of Massachusetts have access to the services and opportunities that they need to thrive.

The following is a list and links to Massachusetts State and Local Government links. With these links you can find consumer and environmental protection sites as well as Massachusetts state Government Agency websites. For individual Massachusetts city government websites and Massachusetts town government web sites, click here