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You plan to buy accounting software for your small business. The thumb rule is that you should go for financial software packages that tally your requirements and also your budget, obviously! However the size of your business does not matter when considering your options to buy a small business accounting software, the objective is to buy an effective business accounting software system to manage and maintain daily accounting records maintenance needs to achieve the strategic financial goals of the organisation. The small business owner is a multitasked business person. He acts as the owner, also as manager, some times marketing man. It would be prudent that you consider diverse demands on your time and energy demanding your attention. Yes you are expected for sure to be your own accountant also.




A robust and efficient small business accounting software program is your best friend and accounting manager as well. The small business accounting software would empower you in management of your cash flow practically and instantly. You do not have to have a whale of time to manage your cash flow. Yes as they say "a few clicks here and there" and you are done with your accounting information sheet having forecasted revenue figures payment of bills. However you know best what you are looking for in your Small Business Accounting Software, do not you? Here are some features your small business accounting software must have.


These include, among many others,


(1) User friendliness: The interface of your small business accounting software should be similar to your usual paper accoutering system. It would help you to instantly relate things with it and easily finding your way around new software solution. The closer is the resemblance of layout of your accounting software with your existing system more easily you can slip into your new small business accounting software and naturally going into the functionalities of your accounting software.


(2) e-commerce features: In case your business uses internet for sales and orders you without doubt need a small business accounting software that effortlessly and flawlessly adopts and connects with e-Commerce functions. Your small business accounting software should connect with online payment gateway of your bank, so that the payment transactions are routinely tracked through your small business accounting software.


(3) Compatibility with operating system: Your computer works on any of these operating systems; UNIX, Linux, Mac or Windows operating system. While buying your small business accounting software you must ensure that the small business accounting software you buy must work on your existing operating system and it should support the existing network sharing data and flow of data across the organisation or business. In case most of your record is on Windows then look for the small business accounting software that operates in harmony with Microsoft's Office application suite. This characteristic will integrate present business records with your new software with ease. The small business accounting software market has accounting software solutions to work on different operating systems, some programs like Java based programs can work on more than one, operating systems.


(4) Look at the professional reports: You do not need too many reports; quite a few small business accounting softwares have features of producing multitude of reports. Ask your self if you need them? You should focus on basis reports that you need like the tax and time-billing reports, those you need. Do not carry excess baggage in your small business accounting software, it overload and thus slow down your system.


(5) Your business is growing every day your small business accounting software should have provisions to accommodate your growing business. You may buy some additional versions, like multiple user software solutions that may track inventory, quality, and productivity aspects of your growing business.


Some Leading Small Business Accounting Software


QuickBooks is the most important, omni present small business accounting software in use by many small business owners and proprietary concerns. The QuickBooks basic software handles with ease the sales and expense functions. QuickBooks is excellent to print invoices, checks, and pay bills. QuickBooks does give you an accounting package specific to your business; say it is retail, consulting services, for factory, contractors, professionals like accountants, consulting engineers.


Therefore do not overlook QuickBooks have a meeting fixed with their sales team by visiting their web site and decide upon the features available in QuickBooks and those are really useful and needed by you.


Take Trial of Small Business Accounting Software From Microsoft:


Microsoft Office suite is most familiar program for every one therefore the small business accounting software could be easy for you to learn and work with. Microsoft's accounting software is full of useful business features like inventory control, purchase control and economic order quantity calculation, sales order processing, process tracking, money movement and our usual payroll preparation. You should visit the Microsoft website at and look at the comparison chart at ( that helps you compare Microsoft small business accounting software with other available important leading accounting software programs to help your decision process.


For Mac you should have MYOB small business accounting software:


For Mac users MYOB has three accounting softwares; also MYOB offers two accounting software solutions for users of Microsoft Windows operating system. The basic version of MYOB deals with uncomplicated accounting requirements banking, marketing, purchases and client accounts. While advanced versions, gives reports of forecasting, sales, revenue, budget, accounts receivables and accounts payables, as usual payroll, and inventory control, more specifically business logo design. You should download a free trial version from the MYOB website and evaluate it for your needs.


The "Peachtree small business accounting software"


The Peachtree offers a small business accounting software for entry level solution business person. If you are going to start using small business accounting software first time you should choose one from the 4 Peachtree options: "the basic Peachtree, the Peachtree standard, Peachtree advanced and the Peachtree premium". The features of Peachtree are quite similar to QuickBooks. The Peachtree small business accounting software prepares for you checks, invoices and receivable account. You may have a trial with free trial offer from Peachtree web site, may be it suits your small business accounting software requirement.


You may also like to look at yet another small business accounting software called MultiLedger from small business accounting software CheckMark: The MultiLedger small business accounting software is good for networked systems. This small business accounting software can be operated with a ten user network. It monitors cash flow, accounts receivables, and manage inventory etc.


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