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Bank Car Loans


In simple terms all banks lend money to individuals or a group of individuals. But fact of the matter is all this money given out by the bank is supposed to be returned back to the bank on a few conditions. In an ideal scenario the foremost condition is that one has to pay the bank debt in easy payment installments over a considerable period of time.

It is worth mentioning in this regard that the monthly money is charged with an additional amount of money based on a percentage of the actual money. Theoretically speaking bank loans have become very common phenomena in the contemporary period where the world is running on financial capital. In the modern day world, money speaks. According to some it does not only speak, but helps a person to live the way he or she wants.

There is no denying that starting from the smallest of families to the biggest companies and corporate sectors, all require money to make their dream fulfilled, to make a plan work in its own way or simply to resolve a problem through money. Point to be noted in this regard is that usually the bank gives a loan to a person on the basis of a security. According to experts for example a person has to have sufficient amount of money in any of his bank accounts. In addition it may also happen that he or she has to keep one of their assets (mostly real estate properties) as a mortgage in order to procure the loan.

In theory Bank car loans, more popularly known as car loans, are easily available from various banks to facilitate interested individuals to buy cars and automobiles.

It is worthwhile remembering that the question of security is resolved quite easily as the security for the Bank car loans or the automobile itself. Believe it or not in most cases, the car or the automobile for the purchase of which the loan is being taken is itself put as a mortgage. In simple terms this is the most common option for most of the cases in procuring automobile loans from various banks. Fact remained that even some cooperative banks also provide such vehicle loans to facilitate the rural masses for buying trucks, boats and even motorcycles. More often than not these auto loans come in affordable and competitive rates.

There is no hiding the fact that people have to work to survive. Theoretically speaking the desire to maintain increasingly indulgent lifestyles drives 13% of workers to travel over 100 miles a day to get to and from work. If experts are to be believed these so called stretch commuters make the majority of these trips by personal vehicle, but when it comes to trading in their tired automobiles for newer models should they just settle for a bank auto loan

It is worth pointing that stretch commuters do not have a lot of time on their hands. As a matter of fact they spend most of their working week either at work, or travelling to and from it. On the other side of the coin when they get home exhausted the last thing they want to do is to look for the best deal for a car loan. Therefore, it is worthwhile remembering that getting a bank auto loan is the easiest and most convenient option.

To illustrate this point lets quickly take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of this.

Advantages of bank auto loans

1. Convenience - First and foremost most consumers with checking accounts have held their account with one bank for a number of years. In an ideal scenario this may be due to inertia, but it is easier to manage finances if check accounts and a bank auto loan are held in one place.

2. You know your own bank - There is no denying that banks have strong brands and financial strength. As a matter of fact they have spent years building a good reputation in society. Theoretically speaking this engenders trust from their customers who may find it daunting to take out a car loan from an unknown finance source.

3. Lower rates than car dealers - Point to be noted in this regard is that Bank car loans will probably be able to provide you with lower interest rates than dealer loans. In an ideal scenario most banks will offer to pre-approve customers for their loans so that they will have better bargaining power on the car lot.

Disadvantages of bank auto loans

1. Not necessarily the best rates - Even though there is no hiding the fact that banks have financial strength they may not be able to offer the best car loan rates. According to experts in a recent study by, the average interest rate offered on a 48 month bank auto loan was almost 2% higher than those offered by Credit Unions!

2. Placing All your eggs in one basket -Fact remained that everyone has heard that saying and although it may be convenient why should consumers place all their finance needs with one institution. Believe it or not there are so many other deals out there.

3. Perfect or excellent credit preferences - On the other side of the coin people that have Bank car loans bad credit or a damaged credit score for any other reason may be turned away. As a matter of fact they may have to finance their car by taking out a bad credit loan and may find that this is not offered by their bank.

More often than not free time may be scarce for stretch commuters, and anyone who has a need to finance a car for that matter, researching all relevant products with banks, credit unions and auto finance specialists is worthwhile. It is advisable that you go online as rates, terms and product benefits can all be researched from the comfort of home. It is worthwhile remembering that investing a little time, rather than opting for the ease of taking out a bank auto loan could save consumers money.

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