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In case if you have bad credit, your options for a mortgage lender may be limited. As a matter of fact for the most part, traditional mortgage lenders prefer applicants with a high credit score. According to experts if you do not match their criteria, you will likely have to obtain a mortgage from a sub prime lender.

There is no denying that subprime loans lenders provide a valuable service. In simple terms their goal is help those with bad credit and no credit get approved for a home loan. While it is worthwhile remembering that most sub prime lenders are eager to help, it is important to discern lenders that are trying to take advantage of your situation.

What are Sub prime Lenders

In a nutshell, one can safely say that subprime loans lenders approve mortgage loans to people whom traditional mortgage companies consider undesirable candidates. It is worth mentioning in this regard that to get a loan through a mortgage company, bank, or credit union, applicants must have a good credit score, down payment, and the ability to pay closing costs. Whereas there is no hiding the fact that many traditional lenders have begun to offer sub prime loans, a home buyer may obtain more loan options by using a lender that specializes in sub prime loans.

How to Locate a Sub prime Lender

Theoretically speaking subprime loans lenders can be found in any area. Believe it or not for your convenience, you may locate a sub prime lender online. Point to be noted in this regard is that many online home loan companies offer bad credit mortgages to all types of people. Moreover, it is worthwhile remembering that the application process is simple. As a matter of fact, responses are received within a few minutes.

Tricks and Schemes Used by Some Sub prime Lenders

If experts are to be believed individuals purchasing their first home should proceed with caution. On the other side of the coin if using a sub prime lender, beware of shady lenders. In simple terms lender tricks are common. Unfortunately, fact remained that many unsuspecting buyers fall prey to these schemes. In an ideal scenario typical schemes involve lenders advertising unrealistic lowball offers to get clients in the door. In case if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Additionally, it is worth pointing that some lenders fail to mention certain fees until closing. Hence, it is of utmost importance that homebuyers must pay unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. Furthermore, always remember that some lenders take advantage of fluctuating interest rates. In case if mortgage rates decline before your loan rate is locked, the lender should decrease your quoted rate. However, fact of the matter is some lenders keep rates the same. To avoid this, it is quite mandatory that homebuyers should study the market.

How to Avoid Lender Scams

There is no denying that the best way to avoid a lenders scam is not to accept the first offer you obtain, and request quotes from several lenders. Theoretically speaking if possible, work with a reputable mortgage broker. Believe it or not brokers have dealings with various trustworthy sub prime lenders. More often than not the objective is to provide homebuyers will numerous offers from prospective lenders. In addition once receiving quotes, you have the power to choose the most attractive sub prime loan.

According to experts subprime loans lenders finance high-risk groups to enable them to buy a home. While there is no hiding the fact that you need to be aware of predatory lending practice, by researching lenders you can find a mortgage loan at a reasonable rate.

Bad Credit Factors

As a matter of fact before you sign up with a sub prime lender, be sure that you truly have bad credit. In an ideal scenario there are five factors that determine your credit score: payment history, credit history, amount owed, types of credit, and new credit. Theoretically speaking each of these factors are weighted differently, so a series of late payments on one account may be offset by low debt, no new credit inquires, and other factors.

Because of this simple reason a FICO score less than 570 will require you to use a sub prime lender. However, fact remained that you may be able to still use a traditional mortgage lender by providing a large down payment, qualifying you for lower interest rates.

Sub prime Financing Versus Predatory Lenders

Point to be noted in this regard is that Sub prime lenders offer genuine financing so you can purchase your home and repay your loan. On the other side of the coin Predatory lenders seek to strip your home equity, charge excessive interest rate, and foreclose on your home.

In addition Predatory lenders will often list their site on public forums in an effort to lure unsuspecting victims. Believe it or not they will also make claims that they are the only ones who will lend to you or that they can fix all your credit problems. Also, it is advisable that you beware of lenders that insist you work with a particular contractor or real estate agent.

Finding a Good Sub prime Lender

In an ideal scenario to find a good sub prime lender, use an online mortgage broker who will give you quotes from several different lenders. It is of utmost significance that you compare rates and fees to see which are the most reasonable. In addition also ask lenders if they are approved by HUD. It is worth mentioning in this regard that with poor credit, you may qualify for government mortgage insurance.

In simple terms you should also determine what you can afford to pay monthly and not feel pressured to borrow more than that. In case if you are concerned about monthly payments, look at an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), which offers low interest rates initially. Believe it or not an ARM is also easier to qualify for. However, fact remained that a fixed rate mortgage offers long-term predictability on how much your monthly payments will be. This can turn out to be a blessing in disguise for you.

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