How to Prepare for Your Move And Mover


You're conducting a house move - hooray! And now it's time to find your mover. Unfortunately, this process isn't exactly the easiest thing to do. With a ton of movers available out there, it can be extremely hard to find one that fits the bill. Thankfully, we've said "extremely hard," but not impossible. In fact, with a bit of research and good planning, finding a good mover for your house move might not be that difficult at all. If you find yourself stuck in this predicament, here are some tips you can follow:

  • Take note of your location first. Before you find and hire a mover, try to take note of the location of both your present and new house. If you're moving to or moving from somewhere like New York, you should clarify whether your moving companies NYC can actually operate there. Some states and towns require specific licenses and documentation before trucks can move belongings there, so the earlier you get to clarify this, the better.

  • Create an inventory of your things in advance. Movers will likely charge you based on the kind of inventory you have, which means they'll likely take note of things you want them to move. To make their job easier, you can make an inventory for them in advance. In there, catalog all your belongings - especially the ones you want to bring with you. Include the name, quantity, the kind of material, and even special notes such as price, if they're fragile, and if they're going to be placed in particular areas. This inventory can be helpful on your end as well, as this lets you know exactly what you own.

  • Declutter your things prior to hiring a mover. If possible, try to declutter even before you hire a mover. Assess the things you own and decide whether you have things you want to sell or give away to other people. Not only can this help you secure some money, but ensure you only bring with you what you want to have in your new house. This might even lessen costs for moving, so it highly encourages you to declutter and throw away things in order to save a bit of money on your end.

  • Try to ask for packing tips from your movers. If you have a mover with you, you can ask for their advice when it comes to packing certain things. If you have fragile belongings or things you don't want to be broken while traveling, you can ask them how you should pack these certain things so they're secure and safe during the travels. And if you're moving to another country, you should take a look at to know the process and requirements needed for the move.

  • Check if you have furniture you want to buy for your new home. It can be expensive to hire movers again if you decide to buy furniture in your new home and bring them home from the store. If you already have a design budget, try to buy new furniture in advance so you can bring them straight to your new home alongside your other belongings. This also makes moving things around much easier, as you'll have the movers get them to the right location on the get-go.

  • Ask for a full quotation. If you seem decided with the long distance movers you want to hire, make sure you get a full quotation from them. When they give you a quotation, ask if these include any "miscellaneous" fees and if there are going to be additional fees that aren't included in the quotation. If there are certain fees like that, either consider hiring another moving company or have them include those in black and white as well.

Moving 101: Careful Research for Successful Moves

When you conduct a house move, you can't just solely focus on buying packing materials and securing your belongings in packages. Packing and transporting your things to your new location is half the battle - which means a successful house move relies on the other half of the process, which is finding the right mover for you. Thankfully, with the tips above, you'll be delighted to know that finding a reliable mover isn't necessarily difficult. However, you do need to do a bit of research and proper assessment to ensure the mover you pick is a team fit for your needs.