How To Decorate Your House and Bring Natural Light Into It?


When redecorating your house, it's crucial to ensure there's enough natural light entering it. Sunlight is not only beneficial to our bodies, e.g., helping with the production of vitamin D, but also to our mental well-being. But how to do it right? After all, there are only a limited number of windows in your house, and it's unlikely that you could make more of them. Fortunately, no such invasive methods are needed. There are many other ways of redecorating your house to bring more natural light into it.

First of all, you might want to consider replacing your heavy curtains with lighter ones. It's also good to repaint your walls in brighter colors or decorate the interior with mirrors. Moreover, you might want to go for glossy decorative pieces and choose internal doors with glass panes. Finally, you should replace your windows with frameless equivalents.

Read on and learn how to decorate your home to make natural light a priority!


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Remove Your Heavy Curtains From the Windows

Heavy curtains are expensive and hinder the natural lighting entering the home. More often than not, it's better to replace them with less cumbersome ones.

Lighter curtains are a much better choice when it comes to the amount of sunlight able to enter your room because of two things. First, they're much thinner, meaning light is much more capable of penetrating the fabric. Secondly, fading from sunlight is not as prominent in the light drapes.

If even light living room curtains are too much for you, consider removing the curtains for good and replacing them with blinds. They may be worse as a decorative element, but they're much better at allowing light to get in.


Choose Brighter Colors for Your Walls

If you want to bring light into your home, painting your walls in lighter colors is a great choice. Light shades reflect more light than darker ones do. That is why it's a good thing to choose light-colored furniture and walls when you redecorate your home.

There are some rules of thumb you should keep in mind when choosing the color for your walls. For example, pastel colors might look dirty after some time. Not only that, but you might have problems with painting the walls.

It's also worth mentioning that white is not always the best option. White often ends up being too bright and can hurt your eyes. Apart from that, white may be too cold for certain rooms. Blue may also not be a good choice because it could make the room seem smaller.

So, how should you choose the right color for your walls? The best thing to do would be to ask yourself two questions - what's your favorite color and what's the best color to make the space feel complete?


Add Mirrors to Your Home

Mirrors are a great way of making the most of the natural light entering your home. They can reflect light, so they could make it seem brighter than before. Not only that, but they also create a sense of space, as if there were more windows in your room. Mirrors also add visual interest and help to make the room feel less monotonous.

You can use mirrors in various places in your house, including the hallway, bathroom, or bedroom. You could choose mirrors with metal frames instead of wooden ones, as they have a lighter feel to them. Mirrors with decorative frames are also a great choice because they add more splendor to the room.

Still, try not to add too many mirrors at a time. If you do, they'll end up looking tacky and chaotic. Instead, try to use them as accents. Choose a few spot mirrors and place them in the most beneficial areas of your house.


Replace Your Windows With Frameless Ones

If you want to brighten up your house, you shouldn't just replace your heavy curtains with lighter ones. You should also consider replacing your windows with frameless equivalents. Such windows are much better at allowing more light into the room than framed ones are.

With frameless mirrors, you get one giant glass surface - no support elements or dividing pylon means less obstructive elements that might lessen the amount of natural illumination getting in. Moreover, frameless windows are much more beautiful, and they're a great addition to your house.

Don't worry, though. Frameless windows are much easier to maintain and clean than framed ones, as you don't have to worry about dirt and dust accumulating in hard-to-get places like frame edges.


Choose Furniture Made of Glossy Materials

When considering how to decorate your home to bring more natural light into it, you should choose furniture with glossy finishes. Such pieces can reflect the light and make it seem like there are more windows in the room than there actually are. They also look much better when compared to those made of matte or dull surfaces.

Of course, you should pick the right colors for your shiny furniture. If you want it to have a minimalistic look, go for white or black. If you want it to serve as an accent in a more colorful interior, opt for colors like red, blue, or green.


Get Internal Doors With Glass Panes

If you want to create more natural light in your house, you might consider getting internal doors with glass panes built into them. They will let the light enter your house and make it seem brighter than before.

As you might have guessed, such doors are much better at inviting sunlight into the room than their solid counterparts. Not only do they look more beautiful, but they're also excellent to make your living space look brighter.



As you can see, there are many ways to decorate your house to bring more natural light into it. All you have to do is keep in mind the tips we've mentioned here and choose those that suit your taste.

Replacing your curtains with lighter ones, repainting your walls in brighter colors, adding glass pane doors, using mirrors and glossy furniture may seem like a lot of work, but it's absolutely worth it. After all, natural light has many benefits to our mental and physical health.

So now that you know how to get it right, don't waste time and make your home as sunny as possible! Good luck!