Interior Design Hacks to Make Condo Spaces Look Bigger


Livingroom, large windows, modern furniture


Nowadays, living in a condo has become the popular choice for those who wish to start living independently, especially for those who wish to reside in urban centers. Some people also turn to condominiums for investment purposes as you can have it rented if you don't plan on occupying it.

Whether you buy or rent, condo-living provides a sense of convenience and coziness due to the fact that you don't need to take a lot of steps to get from one area to another, especially that condominiums are usually located near a lot of commercial establishments.

However, a common challenge is that the space in condos is usually not as big as that of a house. And if you leave your things unorganized, you might feel cramped up. Luckily, there are ways to make condo spaces look bigger.

Getting a professional condo interior design is the best course of action, but if you want a little bit of DIY space-maximizing tips, here are some space hacks you can try on your own:


Reflections and illusions - mirrors can do the trick

Mirrors can help in making your condo unit look bigger. The reflection of the floor, ceiling, and walls expands one's viewpoint, creating an illusion that there's more space in the room. You can also place the mirror close to the window so that natural light will get reflected inside, making the room brighter.

There are ways you can position mirrors to make your space look bigger. According to the best interior design firms, the key is to ensure that you can let your eyes wander a little bit more by providing an illusion. For best results, you can use mirrors with thin frames or no frames at all.


When it comes to colors, go for the lighter side

Making use of colors can also help in making your condo seem bigger. The general rule is to keep walls light in color.

White is the color that comes to mind when we think of something light. However, there are also other colors you can choose from such as beige, mint green, and other soft hues in the color palette. These colors are fresh to the eyes, making the room more breathable.

But it's not just about the walls, you should also consider colors when choosing your furniture. Choose a color scheme that would best suit your taste but can help make your space look bigger.


Use space-saving furniture

Aside from choosing the right colors of your furniture, you might also want to consider the space they will take up in your unit. If you want more space, go with foldable tables and chairs. You can store them after use to save space when not needed. You may also consider convertible furniture such as a sofa bed. In that way, you can have more space during the day. You may also opt for floating shelves.

With more and more people living in condos, there's a growing market for condo-friendly furniture so check them out.


Choose the right decor

Decorating is one of the joys of having your own space, but with a limited space such as a condominium unit, you have to be smart about it. You can still make use of large decorations such as a painting, but make sure that you place them strategically.

Make use of dimensions in your favor - maximize vertical space. Having a shelf that goes from floor to ceiling doesn't only give you a lot of storage space, but it can also make your room look bigger. For best results, it is best to seek professional advice from experts on condominium interior design.


Lastly, keep your condo organized

Space hacks can only do so much in making your space look big. The rest is up to you, especially on how you keep things organized. Don't let clutter take away space, and make sure to throw out or donate unnecessary stuff from your condo.

Your condo unit may be small, but there are a lot of ways you can maximize your limited space. Try out our space hacks above and make your condo unit look bigger.