Overcoming the Challenges of Small Boston Apartments — How to Minimize Kitchen Clutter With Ease


clean kitchen, knives on wall


In Boston, the average size of newer apartments built between 2013 and 2022 was 13% smaller than the national average, according to a report from RentCafe. With Boston's average apartment size being smaller than most cities, finding space in areas like the kitchen can be a major challenge — especially when aiming to store the necessities while keeping the room functional for cooking. From the difference that clearing the counter can make to how you can implement smart organizational strategies, here are just a few key ways you can make the most of any apartment kitchen.


Clearing the counter

When striving to streamline kitchen organization in a small Boston apartment kitchen, clearing the countertops can instantly make things feel more spacious. For those that don't know where to start, a Food & Wine article suggests keeping things minimal by allowing only items that you use on a daily basis to stay, such as a cutting board, salt and pepper grinder, and a large bowl for fruit. "Everyday small appliances like a toaster and coffee maker need premium counter placement, while machines that only get used once a week or less should be stored out of sight."

When maximizing kitchen counter space, kitchen decor is often seen as a staple of design — however, in apartment kitchens, decorating can often contribute to the clutter and make it more difficult to navigate when cooking, cleaning, or hosting. Instead, choosing decorations that are functional — such as decorative hand towels, a cookie jar, themed wooden spoons or oven mitts are just a few ideas for decking out your kitchen in a theme without having to sacrifice much space. Making your decor more compact and easy to remove when needed is another idea. "Decorating a kitchen can often create clutter if not done the right way," interior stylist and HomeGoods Style Expert Jenny Reimold told Insider. Instead of placing knick-knacks all over the kitchen, putting them in one area, such as on a serving board, is one recommendation. "Not only does this contain everything to one area, but you can also easily move the decor out of the way when you need the counter space," explained Reimold.


Finding room for everyday necessities

With a lack of space plaguing the apartments of many, finding room for everyday necessities can be a major challenge that only further works to contribute to clutter. For example, kitchens that incorporate washing machines and dryers can leave many wondering where to put the detergent, fabric softeners, and other laundry necessities. Instead of taking up valuable kitchen space (such as the counter), making use of the closest cabinet and designating it to such supplies can be a better option. The Spruce offers several tips for keeping supplies neat and organized, from using plastic storage containers in order to avoid spills and sticky residue to labeling each of them.

If hiding everything away in a cabinet isn't a practical solution for your kitchen, however, The Spruce suggests keeping everyday items that you use consistently in attractive storage containers that can sit out without taking up too much space. This can be particularly useful for those who use several different products — for example, cleaning your washer out regularly is typically a task done weekly or biweekly in order to combat dirt, grime, and soap residue build up, while washing laundry is done more often. As such, keeping your laundry detergent out and within reach while opting to store washing machine cleaner in a cabinet can offer a more practical solution. The same can be said for those who are trying out various products to find the right one — keeping a current contender out while storing the others can be a great way to keep things neat.


Having an apartment with a small kitchen in Boston can be a challenge, particularly when aiming to maximize space. By creating a place for everything and implementing smart organizational strategies that help maintain a clutter-free kitchen, you can make the most of any kitchen — regardless of size.