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Wilton Cake Pans


Wilton Cake Pans Introduction:

A cake pan which is of good quality will last for years if it is properly taken care. Cake pans can be finished from metal, terracotta, and glass. Metal pans should mark a non-stick surface, while glass and terracotta pans will need to be covered with oil, butter, or non-stick spray before use. There are many numbers of cake pans including rectangular, square, round, muffin, bunt, spring form, angel food, and specialty shaped cake pans.

Each cake pan has its own particular use and with proper use and originality, can give way for a wide variety of delicious recipes. Cake pans with a treated non-stick surface can cut easily, so never use a metal utensil to help in drawing out obstinate cakes. Glass cake pans can be used for a variety of dishes including casseroles and other foods.

Dewey Wilton:

Dewey Wilton in 1929 started his cake-decorating school. In the 50s he began selling cake decorating supplies and in 1962, Wiltons supplies found their way to retail store shelves. Wilton is now the well known name in cake decorating equipment, including their huge line of character cake pans, cookie cutters and toppers. Wilton also makes cake pans of characters from comic books, the pans are generally about a foot tall and a foot wide and feature a one-sided image of the character. They are sold in bags with a cardboard or paper insert.

Wilton Cake Pans:

Wilton is one of the largest leading bake ware and cake decorating tools vendor. Wilton cake pans are available in various shapes of characters for all your baking needs. Wilton provides cake pan in dozens with fun shapes. It is considered as the only source of cheerfulness whenever one needs to be cheerful at dessert time. Their pans can be bought separately or in sets. Wilton cake pans are the final baking equipment. These pans are also available in various shapes. The hockey pans and the baby pans are two most popular ones. Wilton makes pans of characters from comic books, TV series, movies etc.

Using a pan from Wilton you can make almost any dish, be it shortcake or a simple cake in almost any shape, which you want. Most of the cake pans from Wilton are reasonably priced and many are in fact collectors items. By using these pans you feel happy and bring out the child in you. Go ahead indulge yourself, unleash your imagination and make the cake of your dreams. Let Wilton bring your cake fantasy to life. Cake pans used to come in varieties like rectangles and circles but nowadays they come in hundreds of different shapes and character images. These make for some very interesting craft projects that cost little more than the pan itself.

At a single look the kids will love to purchase a cake pan in the shape of their favorite cartoon character and decorate it tang on their bedroom doors. The shapes of the cake pans come in themes like super-heroes, pre-school children program characters, Disney characters and many others. A craft or department store may have a few varieties of the unique cake so that you can get you want online.

Kinds of Pans:

Angel Food Cake Pan:

It is a round, high sided pan with a hollow cylinder in the centre and provides the traditional angel food cake shape. It has two piece with a bottom which can be removed so that the cake can be removed easily. The standard size of the pan is 10 inches in diameter and 4 inches deep. Smaller pans of size 4 inch deep and 7 inch in diameter are also available. These pans are used for chiffon cakes, quick breads and gelatin molds.

Bundt-style Pan:

This on-piece pan also bakes a cake with a hole in the center but is famous by imagine, pinched indentations. These pans can be used for pound cakes, fruit cakes and mousses.

Cake Pan-Standard:

Size cake pans from Wilton have sides at least 2 inches high; the taller sides result in taller cakes. The usual shapes are round, square and rectangular shapes. Hundreds of shaped pans are also available.

Cookie Sheet:

This is a flat pan with one edge slightly curved for easy usage. Standard sizes are 10 x 15 inches and 11 x 17 inches.

Jelly Roll Pan:

This is a rectangular pan with about 1-inch deep sides at first calculated to make sheet cakes or sponge cakes for jelly rolls. Today, the pan is commonly used for baking cookies, rolls and pizzas. Standard size is about 10-1/2 x 15-1/2 x 1 inch.

Spring form Pan:

A round pan with high, straight sides (2-1/2 to 3 inches), that expand with the help of a spring or clamp. The bottom of the pan can be removed from the sides when the fasten is released-this allows cakes, tortes or cheesecakes to be easily removed from the pan.

Tart Pan:

This pan is famous by its short (about 1 inch) crimped sides and removable bottom.

Cake Preparation:

To get ready

Determine how many cups of water the pan holds and use not more than 2/3 of this amount of batter. For example, a 9 x 2-inch round layer cake pan holds 6 cups of water, and therefore should be filled with no more than 4 cups of batter.

Size of the cake:

One two-layer cake mix usually takes about 5 cups of batter and makes any of the following:

One 10-inch round layer

Two 8-inch round layers

One 9 x 13 x 2-inch sheet cake

24 to 30 standard-size cupcakes

One Wilton character cake


For best height and quality, the cake ingredients should be at room temperature previous to mixing. Eggs and butter from the refrigerator usually need about one hour to reach room temperature.

Baking Tips:

You should never fill cake pans more than 2/3 full. Even if the batter doesnt overflow during baking, the cake will have a heavy, dense touch.

Check for doneness only after the minimum baking time. Opening the oven door too soon may cause cakes to fall.

After baking, you must cool the cake layers in pans for 10 minutes; remove cake layers from pans and place on racks to cool completely. If warm layers are placed on a plate, the cake becomes wet and will stick to the surface. For easy removal every time, grease cake pans with solid vegetable shortening and flour lightly.


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