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Baptism Cakes


This perhaps would be an opportune time to write more about Baptismal Cakes as the Christmas is at hand & what better way than a Baptismal Cake to spread the word about our Savior. This is to further to elaborate as to what really are Baptism & its symbiotic importance:

A ceremonial immersion in water, or application of water, as an initiatory rite or sacrament of the Christian church or A religious sacrament marked by the symbolic application of water to the head or immersion of the body into water and resulting in admission of the recipient into the community of Christians.

Any similar ceremony or action of initiation, dedication, etc.

A trying or purifying experience or initiation.

Christian Science: Cleansing of thought and personality.

Around the world, millions of people become professing Christians every year. Some are baptized as babies, others as young adults who have joined the church of their preferenceand others adult converts reached by missionaries. Of course, many believers are never baptized. Most of the rest are not correctly baptized.

On Pentecost, in A.D. 31, the day that the New Testament Church was created, Apostle Peter gave an authoritative discourse to many listeners. His communication was so credible that 3,000 people were baptized. Before their baptism, many asked him, Men and brethren, what shall we DO (Acts 2:37). Peters answer was, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

This verse is Gods plain command to be baptized! Not only is this teaching in our Bible, But the Bible also says repentance must come first before the baptism or one will not receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. However there are general misconceptions that By Baptism, they are atoned of all sins as the Savior has already paid a heavy price for everyone.

All over the world for Christian Families, Baptism of a

child is the reason for revelry. After the observance the overjoyed parents open the doors of their house & their hearts to Kith and Kin where they all relish the delicious spread of cakes and pastries. While nuptials, communion and confirmation parties normally take place in restaurants & Banquet halls, baptisms tend to be celebrated in the shelter of the family home thereby shielding the new-born child from the external world and placing him or her at the centre of attention. Indeed where better than the home surroundings to officially introduce the child's godparents to the assembled company

Why a Cake to celebrate Baptism:

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Its quite obvious that during Old Testament, Cakes made of wheat or barley were very frequently mentioned to have been offered in the temple. They were salted, but unleavened (Ex. 29:2; Lev. 2:4). Pancakes are described in 2 Sam. 13:8, 9. Cakes mingled with oil and baked in the oven are mentioned in Lev. 2:4, and "wafers unleavened anointed with oil," in Ex. 29:2; Lev. 8:26; 1 Chr. 23:29. "Cracknels," a kind of crisp cake, were among the things Jeroboam directed his wife to take with her when she went to consult Ahijah the prophet at Shiloh (1 Kings 14:3). Such hard cakes were carried by the Gibeonites when they came to Joshua (9:5, 12). They described their bread as "mouldy;" but the Hebrew word _nikuddim_, here used, ought rather to be rendered "hard as biscuit." It is rendered "cracknels" in 1 Kings 14:3. The ordinary bread, when kept for a few days, became dry and excessively hard. The Gibeonites pointed to this hardness of their bread as evidence that they had came a long journey. We read also of honey-cakes (Ex. 16:31), "cakes of figs" (1 Sam. 25:18), "cake" as denoting a whole piece of bread (1 Kings 17:12), and "a [round] cake of barley bread" (Judg. 7:13). In Lev. 2 is a list of the different kinds of bread and cakes which were fit for offerings, hence its become a ritual & an symbol of celebration down the ages too.

Cake, originally a small mass of dough baked by turning on a spit; in present usage a dessert made of flour, sugar, eggs, seasonings, usually some leavening and liquid besides the eggs, and shortening. This last ingredient is not always used; un-shortened cakes depend mainly on beaten eggs for leavening (e.g., sponge cake and angel food cake). The early method of making sweet cake was by adding other ingredients to a portion of bread dough, some cakes, such as fruitcake or poundcake, called for many eggs and for wine, brandy, or sack (an Elizabethan wine); these ingredients supplying the leavening agent. Modern cakes are generally raised with baking powder, baking soda, or beaten eggs. When it comes to decorating your baptismal cake, there are numerous books and videos that you can refer for novel ideas and instructions. To keep the cake traditional, it can be frosted in white but decorated with various colors. You'll also need the proper cake decorating tools to create the cake you have chosen. Depending on your preference you can either make it alcoholic or non-alcoholic, more frequently a Cross with a Dove signifying the Baptism in Holy Spirit is decorated on the Cake. There are many online sites which offer the illustration & recipes for preparation of these cakes & pastries, please find a few herein under for your perusal

The first thing to mull over in planning your baptism cake will be how many guests it needs to be catered at your celebration as this will also decide the size of your cake. Specialty-shaped cakes are always festive but if you are going to be entertaining a lot of guests, you would want to consider a sheet cake which can also be suitably decorated for the event. The first thing that strikes you about baptism celebration is that everything is home-made. Indeed in many parts of the world it's considered omen to buy a baptism cake.


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