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Belgian Chocolates


Get familiar with world famous Belgian Chocolates

Chocolates are one of those sweet items which are enjoyed by every person of a family. It is not only dear to children but also to elders. The mouthwatering chocolates are famous worldwide and when it comes to rating the chocolates, Belgian Chocolate rates highest. The Belgian chocolates are famous because of its different taste and flavors. Its combination with liquor has created a huge market for the Belgian chocolates.

The chocolates were discovered by Christopher Columbus in the new world at the end of the15th century. It is also said that the Aztecs drank chocolate well before everybody. It was a bitter drink based on roasted kernels seeds of cocoa merged with spices. This drink was well appreciated by the Aztecs. But you will be astonished to know that chocolate drink was so sacred that only rich people could afford it. It was totally different from todays chocolates; say you can not compare them. It was so different that the conquistadores found it undrinkable. For the Aztecs cocoa seeds were means to buy money. They used to buy gold with cocoa seeds. It was an expensive item. So, making drinks from it priced huge to them.

The Spanish aristocrats kept the recipe of chocolate as a secret. But it became so popular that it went across European borders. When it was combined with sugar, it became much appreciated drink in European nobles. It became popular among doctors as well. The doctors thought that it had a caliber to cure diseases. After that, every country wanted to possess chocolate and enjoy it the way Europeans did.

From the historical time, in Belgium chocolates were given as a gift. During 1912, the Belgian confectionery created the Praline ", a filled chocolate. At that time it was treated as a best gift. Praline was a delicate chocolate. Due to its delicate nature, the packaging became important. It was packed with under the name of Ballotin ". After that " Ballotin de Pralines " became the perfect gift appreciated for every happy occasion.

Making Belgian chocolates is not an easy task. It is often said in Belgium that While holding between your fingers this half an ounce of happiness, think about the long way to obtain this mouthful of pleasure, delight of gods." It was a tricky method as one needed to hold the mixture of the chocolate between the two fingers.

The chocolates are made from the seeds of the cocoa which is a tree bearing large seeds pods. Most of these trees, initially discovered in America, are now growing in many equatorial countries.

Once the cocoa beans are gathered, they are kept in the sun to dry. After that they are sent to the chocolate manufacturers. In these chocolate factories, these dried cocoa beans are roasted and then crushed to obtain cocoa powder. Sometimes these rusted cocoa beans are squeezed to get coca butter.

Then once you add the above mentioned powder with butter, sugar and milk powder you get yummy chocolates.

The proportion of each item will decide the color of your chocolate. If you want to keep it white then use more milk powder and while making this chocolate only cocoa butter is used and not the cocoa powder. If wan to have choco brown color then add cocoa powder generously. If want to give black color then add 70% of cocoa. You can make it the way you want, according to your taste and choice.

Till today, Belgians decorate the chocolates only by hands without using any machine. The chocolate manufacturers take care to select the best cocoa as well as the best quality components in order to produce the Belgian chocolate - or Praline filling.

The quality of the chocolate is determined by the choice of the cocoa seeds and the other components that are used to make these chocolates like, the perfume, its color, etc. In Belgium all the artistic manufacturers of chocolates make Praline chocolates by hands and as the decoration as well. Every artist who makes these chocolates has his unique style and he gives different characteristic to his chocolates. They differ in their presentation, their size, color and also the decoration. Then these Praline chocolates go through the distribution cycle and are always placed as the finest deluxe products.

It is said in Belgium that When somebody has drunk chocolate syrup, he is able to travel all day without tiredness and eating." Even the Spanish people believed in the same. Spanish people treat chocolate as a nutritional during the early New World Colonization. They believed that it has quality energy which can make you going. Today, throughout the world, this chocolate is used by the sport persons as an excellent energy booster. Now you know the secret behind these energy booster drinks!

You will be amazed to know that from the time of Aztecs & Mayas who have started cocoa consumption, the chocolate has always been considered as a sexual stimulant. Gifting your lover chocolate is originated from chocolates this feature. Many of the kings and emperors consumed chocolate to have a healthy sexual life. Even the Aztec emperor Montezuma consumed chocolates to have women access. Now you understand why this drink was so sacred and was available only to rich. The theologian Fransiscus Rauch wrote in 1624 that beverage drank in convents inflamed passions.

During 16th century, Spanish aristocratic ladies had chocolate everywhere even in church. It may have helped them to face such huge crowd in churches. The research says that chocolate contains Pheryletylanine which would have a positive action in case of nervous depression.

If you are a diabetics and you think that you are not that fortunate to enjoy these scrumptious chocolates then you are wrong. This is good news for all the diabetics. Special sugar free chocolates are prepared. In these sugar free chocolates the traditional sugar is not used. The sugar in these chocolates is replaced by Maltitol ".

The maltitol is a sugar extracted from germinates barley and is good for the stomach and the intestines. But dont forget to take an advise from your doctor before you have them.