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Birthday Cakes for Kids

Cakes and more cakes those yummy, mouth-watering treats for all occasions or simply in the name of sheer indulgence! No celebration can be complete without a cake. Though commercial cakes are in abundance, yet nothing can beat the care and effort that go into a perfectly baked home-made cake! birthday cakes are the oldest in the history of cake-baking which is followed by wedding cakes.

Though early birthday cakes used to be only round or moon-shaped, in the modern era these cakes mostly come in shapes based on the theme for the birthday party. Cakes for children are the most complicated. Not only should they be elaborate and flashy, but also match up to the flavour demanded by the birthday boy or girl in question. Flavours in cakes are as significant as the decoration on top. Chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, coffee, pistachio, butterscotch, vanilla just choose your pick!

Origin and history of birthday cakes:

The origin of birthday cakes dates back to the 13th century though the cakes back then were very different from those consumed in the modern times. It was the ancient Greeks who had baked the first cakes which used to be moon-shaped honey cakes that they used to offer to Artemis the goddess of moon. However, some scholars believe that the earliest birthday cake originated in Germany in the Middle Ages to commemorate the birthday of Jesus Christ and the dough used to be shaped like baby Jesus! This cake later re-emerged in the same country as a Kinderfast or the birthday celebration of a child. The tradition of putting candles on the cake was started by the Greeks who, due to their religious belief, wanted to make the cake glow like the moon. Even in modern days candles are placed on the birthday cake and a silent wish is made before blowing them out.

In the beginning, the cakes used to be similar to bread. To increase their flavour, such cakes were sweetened with honey and enhanced with nuts and other dry fruits. Ancient Egyptians were the first to have honed their baking skills while their European counterparts used to bake fruitcakes and gingerbreads that used to last for months! The modern-day cakes with icing seem to have been passed over by the Europeans. They even had wooden or metal moulds for shaping cakes that were placed on cake-pans to obtain the desired shape. In Victorian times molded cakes with icing were very popular. With passing time, the art of cake-baking kept getting refined and by the middle of the 19th century emerged the cake we are familiar with today.

Birthday cakes for kids:

Birthday is the most special occasion for a child and he or she looks forward to it for months in advance. Hence the preparation for such an occasion should be special too. Nowadays kids prefer theme parties and the maximum thought goes into a birthday cake. If the theme for a party is Fairyland, the cake in that case could be shaped like the castle for the fairy king and queen. Then there are other themes like Pirates and Princesses (a classic birthday cake theme for boys and girls), Cinderella Castle Cake, Ice Cream Castle Cake, Pirate Cake, Pirate Ship Cake, Princess Cake, Splendid Castle Cake, and Treasure Chest Cake. The task is challenging and exciting and the reward is the happiness of the birthday kid. Most kids demand for character cakes, especially their favourite cartoon character on the television. My two-year old son is very fond of Mickey Mouse and boy was he glad to find his birthday cake shaped liked Mickey! A child loves the moment of his entire birthday celebration when it is time to cut the birthday cake. Hence more than the taste, it makes sense to concentrate on the shape and colour of the cake. In case the kid loves sports, then the cake can be shaped like a cricket pitch or soccer stadium or even like the bowling alley or skateboard rink. For a kid who is fascinated by objects that move on wheels or wings, you can have train cake, fire engine cake, space-shuttle cake or dump truck cake. As you can see, the sky is the limit when it comes to opting for a themed birthday cake! Once the cake is made or purchased it is mandatory that it be decorated well on the top and sides and let your imaginations run wild in this regard. Moreover, it makes sense to even decorate the table in which the cake is to be placed in the lines of the party theme.

Try-at-home cakes for kids:

When your kids demand elaborately shaped birthday cakes, where do you start (and how) without spending a fortune on the birthday cake You can check out the online resources for birthday cake ideas. Here are three sites with many options for kids birthday cakes:

• This site is searchable and has easy instructions and photos of the finished cakes.

• This site features Betty Crocker products. Instructions are clear and there are pictures of the finished cakes.

• This site is less sophisticated than the corporate sites above, but it includes a number of good ideas.

You can find a variety of cakes that require a range of skills levels by browsing through the sites above. If youre not handy with an icing tube or cone, consider decorating options such as candy, toys, colored sugar or coconut, or stenciling to design your cake. If you are not a confident baker, use a purchased cake mix or buy a plain cake from your local bakery or big box store and then start decorating it.

Finally it is always essential to realize that even more than all the party theme and decorations, it is the thought that counts on a childs birthday. Therefore never ever forget to wish the birthday boy or girl at the appropriate moment!