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Wedding Cake Toppers


Wedding Cake Topper

Think of something that happens once in a lifetime. I know you would be thinking of your wedding ceremony. Wedding cake being a delicious part of the ceremony, it takes an important role.

Imagine a fairy - tale fantasy scene on your Wedding cake, something emblematic with which gives a meaning to you, something you remember for the rest of your life, that you can enjoy looking at and even exhibiting them to your friends. It could be anything which suits your attitude, let it be Romantic, Elegant, Simple, Whimsical, Funny or whatever, you need to have a something special on the cake which illustrates your identity.

There are lot of people who are unable to find a perfect cake top which they liked for their wedding. They spend so much time and effort in the Wedding Gown, Flowers, Wedding Cake, and so on, I feel that the same attention should be offered to the Cake Topper. It is, after all, the crowning touch for the Wedding Cake, and a reminder of your wedding.

Simply looking good is not enough. A cake should also be a dazzling piece of miniature architecture designed to express the sentiment a couple towards wedding.

If you are having a routine and simple wedding with no theme at all, you'll need to decide on shape, decorations and colors. If there's a topic or theme, that gives you an idea about the style.

Selecting your Wedding Cake toppers and accessories should not only reflect your personal style and taste but it should go well with the decor and menu of your reception. You will want to select a desing for your wedding cake toppers that will fit the theme and colors for the wedding and reception. You may incorporate things such as wedding location or wedding apparel when choosing your bridal cake designs and accessories. After you have selected your wedding dress and location then you will start thinking about your wedding cake toppers, and wedding cake accessories that will fit the overall colors and theme of your wedding and reception.

The bridal apparel can be worked into the bridal cake design. The lacy look of the dresses can be created with frosting.

If you have a certain color scheme, you can decorate your cake with small romantic rosebuds or pearls in your colors made with frosting or actual pearls or rosebuds. Bows that match your dress or bridesmaid dresses are also a nice decorative touch.

Make sure that your wedding cake accessories will compliment your Wedding Cake design. You have a huge selection to choose from for your wedding cake toppers, wedding cake stands, wedding cake knife and cake server sets, wedding flutes, wedding favors, wedding flower petals and wedding table accessory.

Some special ideas for wedding cake toppers that are made of elegant glass or porcelain are wedding bells, doves, hearts or bride and groom figurines. If using a wedding cake topper that is heavy, such as a Bride and Groom figurine, it may need to be anchored down into the wedding cake so it will not topple over.

Another popular choice for wedding cake toppers is fresh or silk flowers, candied flowers or frosting flowers. Fresh flowers would be less expensive than using flowers made with frosting and are very elegant and romantic. Favorite flowers for decorating wedding cakes are roses, carnations and pansies. Flowers could be made into a cascading design swirling down the tiers of the wedding cake along with flower petals strewn around the cake table.

Another elegant design is to have a single perfect bloom, such as an orchid, for your wedding cake topper.

An elegant and unique wedding cake topper is to use Rhinestone Bridal Jewelry. You might get a rhinestone or crystal bridal jewelry accessory that is the initials for the bride and groom or a single initial for the new couples last name. Using frosting, you could intertwine each other's initials using monogram style lettering. This is very popular now a day.

Adding Wedding Cake Charms to your wedding cake is an old wedding tradition. Each wedding cake charm accessory is attached to ribbons placed in the frosting of your wedding cake. Be sure to include one charm for each single woman in the wedding party. Before the Bride and Groom cut the cake, the bridesmaids are called up to pull the ribbons, each claiming a wedding cake charm that holds the promise of her future, hope, love, good luck, next to marry or old maid.

Adding edibles like chocolate, fruits or nuts to your wedding cake or sprinkled around the cake table will add a special decorative touch to the cakes design and to the guests plates. As you share your wedding cake with friends and loved ones, the bridal wedding cake tradition continues to represent the sweetness of life, love, fertility, and prosperity.

A wedding cake with traditional miniature bride and groom wedding cake toppers graces the photo album of every married couple since time immemorial. Be it the 1950's union of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio, the '00's nuptials of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony -- or 2006 wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Modern America, wedding cakes with accompanying wedding cake toppers is the photo signifying the new start of every couple's life as husband and wife.

Their center stage position makes wedding cake accessories -- including wedding cake toppers, wedding cake servers, champagne toasting glasses, and other decorative wedding cake accessories -- one of the most important purchases a bride will make.

The list of wedding cake toppers have grown from doves, chiming bells, hearts, and swans -- and those miniature bride and groom wedding cake toppers -to crowns, flowers, and even whimsical designs like bride and groom care bears. How about a surfer/hiker/skier wedding cake toppers. Although traditional design selections will remain most popular, wedding cake accessories reflect the unique personalities and interests of the marrying couple and as such, should be carefully chosen.

A skilled cake designer can come up with an inexhaustible list of wedding cake toppers. You find them in any shape or form, but the most common are doves, daisies, roses, interlocking hearts, wedding rings, flowers in a basket, and of course, little figurines of the bride and the groom -- but the options are endless. Materials used for toppers can be anything from glass and porcelain, crystal and resin, wood and steel ... plus a wide range of others.

Cake toppers can serve several functions. Many couples like to keep them as souvenirs, and many are attractive enough to pass off as a showpiece for your drawing room.

Planning a theme wedding Wedding cake toppers can help you carry it out. A skilled hand can replicate your bridal gown on top of the cake in fondant, resin, or other materials. For fairytale-themed weddings, Cinderella's glass slipper in miniature or a figurine of Snow White would be just about perfect or even a dragon or a castle.

Beach and marine-themed weddings give cake designers plenty of room to exercise their creativity. In this case, toppers might be dolphins, seahorses, mermaids or lighthouses. For medieval-themed weddings, you can use a miniature knight and maiden as toppers, or the ever-popular castles.

A winter wedding also gives the cake designer plenty to work with. Crystal snowflakes fit the bill ... and a "snowman" bride and groom is both creative and whimsical. Though you can use any material for a winter wonderland-theme topper, glass and crystal seem ideal with their beautiful reflections.

For those from military backgrounds, wedding toppers can both intricate and satisfying. A naval wedding, for instance, is set off perfectly with a small anchor tucked behind the bride and groom. For the marine wedding, try two crossed sabers behind the miniature couple.

And for Western-themed weddings, popular cake toppers range from horses and cows to Stetsons and boots ... and the cowboy and cowgirl as the bride and (occasionally lassoed) groom.

A cake is not complete just with its looks and flavor. It needs more than that to be perfect.


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