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How to Decorate a Cake


Decoration techniques:

Baking a cake can be quiet an easy job, but decorating a cake is quiet a challenging job to do, many people dont know the right technique of decorating a cake. The term cake decoration means to take a baked and cooled cake, and make elaborate and simple designs on side and top of the cake, so cake decorating can also be termed as final wrapping or final packaging of the cake. Simple things can be used in cake decoration such as icing, dusting, and glazing and piping bag techniques, you can also use filling and frosting methods.

The most famous techniques of cake decorations are used by cake decorators; they have many techniques for decorating the cakes. But to choose proper decorating bags, you need featherweight and disposable bags, couplers, and the essentials of decorating include correct bag position, icing consistency and pressure control. The basic cake decorating techniques are:

In case of transferring the patterns:


1) Using a piping gel:

You can tape the pattern to flat surface such as back of counter top, then smooth all wrinkles and trace the pattern unto waxed paper with a pencil. Let the icing set till a slight crust, then turn the pattern upside down from the waxed paper and outline the pattern with a piping gel.


2) Using toothpick:

You can tape the pattern to flat surface such as the counter top, smooth out the wrinkles, trace the pattern unto paper, let the icing set till slight crust, then position waxed paper gently on top and side of the cake and secure it very lightly with the help of sharp toothpicks. Then you can position the toothpicks along the pattern lines in order to transfer dotted outline on pattern onto the cake.


Some of the other basic decorating techniques are:


1) Baby bunnies:

Tip 2a and a medium consistency icing has to be used, you have to tuck tip12 into top of head n pull out ears, in order to make point at top gradually decrease the pressure, then pipe inside the ears with tip3,also use tip3 or string eye and nose. And finally pipe tip6 are used for cheeks and paws, tip3 for teeth


2) Baby booties:

Tip12 has to be used, pipe a ball with heavy pressure

beginning at the toe, you can hold the tip to 45degree angle, and moving towards back of foot; bring the tip straight up to finish. You can also add tip2 zigzag curves and string bow.


3) Carrots:

Tip3 has to be used, with a heave pressure you have to hold the bag at 90degree angle, and then begin squeezing at top of the carrot, then with steady pressure pull bag along, when you get carrot in desired length, relax the pressure and bring end to point, you can trim with tip233 and pull out string tops.


4) Cornstalks:

Tip 352 has to be used, and with it butter cream icing can be used, using the medium pressure pipe below the brown ropes, elongated stalks to bottom edge of the cake. Then above the rope area, add tip352 and pull out the stalks. Pipe the rope with tip3


5) Fondant rose:

You can start by using inch diameter fondant ball, and then mould the cone base by 11/2 inch high, then you have to roll out a 3/8 inch diameter ball of fondant, then you have to flatten the ball into inch circular petal, which is thin on top and thick at the bottom. make several petals of this size, then you can wrap the first petal around the point of cone to form a bud, similarly press thee more petals around the base of the bud, and curl the edges of the petals, make five more petals and flatten the edge with finger and shape all the petals, so your fondant rose will be ready.


6) Grapes:

Tip6 has to be used, you can begin with piping balls of icing beginning with single balls at the bottom of the bunch and increasing the number up to the stem cell. You can over pipe the bunch in the middle and to pull out the stem use tip3.


7) Holly leaf:

Tip68 has to be used, you have to follow the basic leaf method but the consistency should be medium, you can use royal icing for the desired size of the leaf, in this case when the icing is wet pull out the tiny points around the edge with the help of the dampened decorator or brush, for a curved look you can dry on flower formers.


8) Lattice heart:

Tip2 has to be used; you have to outline the shape to be covered then starting from the centre of the outline shape .you can pipe tip2 diagonal strings to right attached to the outline and from the opposite side you can pipe the diagonal strings into another direction, by covering the entire area.


9) Luv-bugs:

tip 6b, 2a, 2 and 4 has to be used, you have to use stiff consistency butter cream icing n pipe directly, you have to hold the bag at a 90degree angle and pipe tip2a ball for the head and tip 6b for the body, you can use tip4 for the nose and tip2 for the pupils of the eyes, you can also use tip1 pipe for writing the luv bug message on the heart and then position it on the bug, in order to hold the heart on the bug you can use tip16 arms from the body, for the decoration purpose you can attach the heart icing decorations to insert the antenna and the legs.


10) Reindeer:

Tip 10 and tip 5 has to be used, you can use tip 10 to pipe the elongated body, tip 5 can be used for the side of the body, and tip 3 has to be used for hooves, you can hold the bag at a 45 degree angle and using tip7 pipe gradually decrease the pressure to form a snout.tip2 has to be used for nose and eyes and tip3 has to be used for ears, tail, rein and the harness. And lastly pipe 2 has to be used for harness trim.


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