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Pictures of Cakes


Cake: a delectable treat

There has to be absolutely no particular reason to celebrate life. And, what can be a more prolific way to do so than to indulge in a nice sweet delicacy. The first thing that comes to mind when talking of sweets is, indeed, cakes! Yes, cakes have been the most favorite of delicacies relished in almost all parts of the world.

These delectable delights are generally baked products. What goes into making tasty cakes is a batter formed by putting together a wheat product (generally white flour), leavening agent, sweetening agent like sugar, egg or gluten or starch, fats such as butter, milk or water and last but not the least, essence according to one's choice. All these ingredients are mixed together thoroughly to prepare a good batter to be baked. This batter or cake mix, as is commonly known, is then poured over a baking pan of desirable shape- circular, rectangular, square, or triangular, or any other shape.

It is always good to grease the base of the baking pan with butter, and some flour, before pouring the mix so that the cake does not stick to it. The baking pan with batter can now be put inside the oven for baking.

A variety of decorations available for cakes

After making a yummy treat, comes the presentation. The food becomes all the more scrumptious if it is equally good to look at. And this holds true for cakes as well. Here comes the role of cake decoration. A variety of cake-decorating styles and practices exist in the world. The decorating techniques also depend on the culture and climate of the regions. The most common type of cake decoration is icing. This is also called as frosting. Icing consists of a mixture of powdered sugar, butter or any other fat, cream or milk, and flavoring agent such as vanilla essence or cocoa powder.

Sprinkles, ribbons, candles, figurines, and several other decorative are used to beautify cakes. The decoration of cake mainly depends on the occasion. Birthday cake decorations are very different from wedding cake decorations. Likewise, there are special kinds of decorating techniques used for valentine's cakes, Christmas cakes, Easter cakes, and other such occasions such as Halloween. The concept and idea of decoration thus differs from event to event.

A picture of wedding cakes

The history of wedding cakes goes back to the Roman era where non-sweet cakes were cracked over the newly weds head. One cannot define or simply justify the radical beginning of a particular custom. Things that become a trend and then continue to be followed over time become tradition. Wedding cakes is one of these necessary traditions that continue to be widely followed in the West. The traditional wedding cakes are three-tier white cakes with traditional designs and flavor. The picture of wedding cakes include cascading roses, square fondant wedding cake with white roses, chocolate wedding cake with decorative, and lot many of the bakers creations.

The price of a wedding cake depends upon its size and flavor. The customer, therefore, is required to provide an estimate of the total number of guests to the bakery. The bakeries generally charge anywhere between $3 and $7 per slice of cake. However, the designer shops may charge something more than $10 per slice.

Some of the most famous wedding cakes are: Falling Flowers, Very Victorian, A Tower of Roses and The Sweetest Garden.

Falling Flowers is a five-layered white cake, wrapped with fondant and beautifully adorned with cascading spray of flowers made of sugar paste.

Very Victorian is a type of wedding cake that is strawberry-flavored and has four layers, one on top of another, balanced by pipes and sugar pedestals. The decorative include Victorian roses, specially designed mini fans, and ribbons.

A Tower of Roses is a six-tier butter cream cake decorated with hundred of roses all around. This is a wonderful creation.

The Sweetest Garden is again a six-tier creation, where, each tier is a small vanilla cake, one upon the other, beautifully arranged with bridal ribbons, butterflies and sugar paste flowers.

Bakers also suggest their own specialties that may be a hit in the area. They may also suggest a totally new and unconventional wedding cake. There can be a combination of different flavors in each layer of wedding cake. The extra filling of cream or fruits inside these layers again may cost a little high. The choice of a wedding cake, or any other cake, and the filling largely depends on the season of wedding. For example, it is advisable to not to order cheese or yogurt fillings in cakes during summers as it tends to melt and get bad.

Birthday and party cakes

Birthday and party cakes come in several flavors, shapes and designs. Kids would love to have their birthday cakes made into a Barbie, teddy bear, or a car, or a spider-man. The choice is endless and so is the idea. One can get wonders done with the magical recipes and creativity. Similarly, a cake can be ordered to celebrate a party, according to the theme and concept. Suppose, if there is a party to celebrate the music launch of a singer, a guitar-shaped cake would be great. Chocolate fudge cakes and fruit cakes are other such varieties that suit a corporate party. Birthday cakes hold the name of the birthday-girl/ birthday-boy along with the message of good wishes. Even corporate party cakes may hold congratulatory messages on the cakes ordered.

Cake is a discovery of the western culture which has become a prevalent boon today, in almost all the cultures of the world. No birthday is complete without a delicious birthday-cake cutting, followed by a happy birthday to you... song.

There is no limit to imagination. One can delve into a treasure of designs and decorating techniques to create a unique and exquisite delight. So, get going. And don't forget to mix the love and good feelings with the other ingredients of the cake mix. One is sure to get a yummy result.