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Ice cream cakes

Make Mouthwatering chilled Ice cream cakes in easy steps

When it comes to sweets, from six to sixty years old everyone loves to eat and if it is Cake with ice-cream then the fun is doubled. It is delicious to eat and the best part is it can be easily made at home. This fun-eating delicacy is easy to make and luscious to eat. Ice cream cakes can be made with different flavors or can be made with many flavors combined in the same cake.

Ice cream cake is can be an ice cream in the shape of a cake or ice cream and cake layered together to make a single form. The original idea of ice cream cake came from desserts combined of cream and cookies or cake called trifles which first turned up in the Renaissance. Ice cream cake was firstly invented in western world during seventeenth century, though there is a proof that both Ancient Roman and Ancient China had desserts made of chopped ice or snow.

It is advisable that you dont use fruits in ice cream cake. This is because when you freeze the cake the fruits become hard to eat. You can use other food items like, chocolates.

To start with, we will discuss about a basic chocolate or vanilla cake and dont feel shy to use a box cake mix. If you want to make an ice cream cake like the one you get it in cake shops then use sponge cake. It compliments ice-cream really very well. The two layer ice cream cake can be made with two cake pans or you can make one cake and can cut the same in the middle so that you can have two parts. It is important that the excess should be trimmed off so that there is no "dome" effect to the cake. It is vital that you keep the cake flat at the top.

After you get baked layers and you trim it so it remains flat at the top, put them into the refrigerator or freezer with parchment paper in between the layers to keep them separate and to prevent them from drying out. It is important that layers dont get dry up.

It is very difficult to assemble an ice cream cake. But you

have an easier solution to this. You can assemble an ice cream cake in a spring form pan. This pan is the same size as the pan in which the cake was baked.

Remember the cake should not be over cooked. It should not be crispy but soft. It will give a better texture to your ice cream cake.

The popularity of ice cream cakes is increasing. From birthday cakes to wedding cakes, ice cream combination is used. It gives a soothing taste and look to the cake. It is advisable to put a circular sheet of parchment paper to fit the bottom of the pan; then cut a long, rectangular strip that will fit inside and cover the sides of the pan from top to bottom.

The layers of the cake would decide the layers of ice cream that you need. For two layer, two layers of ice cream and for more layers more ice cream. Sometime you might need more ice cream if you do not add any goodies in the ice cream. You need to put ice cream into a large plastic bowl to be stirred and folded.

While you make ice cream cake it is important that you do not allow the ice-cream to melt not even get harder. It should be soft enough to be placed on cake layers. You can add other food material according to your taste for instance, fudge, caramel, nuts, coconut, candy, etc. But keep in mind that these items will harden once frozen, so use ingredients that will not get so hard that they can hurt teeth.

There are most famous ice cream cake combinations that you can have or can make. One of the famous one is German Chocolate Cake theme using German chocolate cake with coconut, pecans and fudge mixed into vanilla ice cream.

Then you can have Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter and chopped up Reese's Peanut Butter Cups with fudge and almonds mixed in with yellow, chocolate or caramel cake

Crumbled Oreos mixed with vanilla ice cream and a white cake for a Cookies & Cream

If you like Hawaii flavor then try Macadamia nuts and coconut with caramel with sponge cake.

In Texas the famous ice cream cake is combined with pecans, caramel and fudge swirled in vanilla ice cream with sponge or you can go for chocolate cake for a Turtle effect.

Fold chunks of brownies with fudge and walnuts into vanilla ice cream with chocolate cake is a mouthwatering combination and looks as good as it tastes.

Some people are very fond of cookie dough as an ingredient in ice cream cake.

You can even put cool whip by folding into softened ice cream of any flavor, but should be alert that you do not over-mix it. This is to give a swirling effect.

You can sprinkle liquor of your choice and which you like. You can have a wine ice cream cake or rum ice cream cake. Ice cream cake should be chilled if not frozen. If you dont freeze it then it can crumble and fall apart.

The decoration of ice cream cake differs from the traditional cakes. Everything can not go along with this ice cream cake which you can put on the traditional cake because ice-cream cake is soft and secondly it needs to be chilled, so the topping which becomes hard can not be decorated on an ice-cream cake. Ice cream cake can be decorated with chocolates chips also. The decoration which you put on ice cream cake should be light so that it doesnt spread ice cream cake.

You must be mesmerized when you watch huge four layered ice cream cake. It is not that easy to make this multi layered ice cream cake. Balancing them and then decorating them is an art and needs skills and imagination.