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Chocolate Chip Cookies



Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Chocolate is one of the most popular food items which almost everyone across the globe is aware of. It is something which is eaten by person of any age, ranging from a two year kid to an old person. Chocolate is also used in variety of food items as major ingredient to enhance its taste. Chocolate is basically made up of cocoa which is brown in color and is sour in taste. Chocolate can be taken in the form of chocolates or in other forms as part of some other dish. Chocolate chip cookies are one of the most common and popular dish which uses chocolate

as its major ingredient. It is popular all across the globe. Its origin can be traced back to United States of America. The cookie consists of flour apart from chocolate as its major ingredient. There are various varieties of chocolate chip cookies. The other name given to chocolate chip cookies is Toll House Cookie. The credit of developing chocolate cookie should be given to Ruth Graves Wakefield. Although even he wasnt aware of his invention since it was developed accidentally. This happened in the year 1933 at the house of Wakefield which was known as Toll house Inn near Whitman, Massachusetts.

The incident was something like this, Wakefield was making chocolate cookies when he ran short of regular bakers chocolate and so he substituted it with small pieces of semi-sweet chocolate thinking that it would melt down and will mix with the cake. But it was not to be, the pieces of chocolate remained as it was and thus he developed what is now popularly known as chocolate chip cookies. But later on Wakefield sold his recipe to Nestle in exchange for a lifetime supply of chocolate chip cookies. In North America, every packet of chocolate chip cookies still has the whole recipe printed on it. The popularity of chocolate chip cookies can easily be seen from the fact that the figure of chocolate chip cookies consumed annually in America is about seven billion.

The major ingredients of a regular chocolate chip cookie are white sugar, brown sugar, flour, eggs, and semi-sweet chocolate. Other than these things one can use other additives for garnishing. Nut such as walnuts are one of the most common additives added to the batter to improve the aroma of the cake. The ingredients mentioned above are the ones that are used in the chocolate chip cookies made using the standard wakefield recipe. This quantity of these ingredients can be adjusted so as to give a different taste to it. Regardless of ingredients used, the technique used for making chocolate chip cookies is more or less same. The basic recipe for making chocolate chip cookies is described below:

First of all take sugar and butter in a dish and cream it at high speed using whisk or standing mixer. Then add brown sugar followed by the eggs and then the flour and leavener which is usually baking powder. The most important ingredient that is chocolate chips is added at the very last, just before the cookies are scooped and positioned on a cookie sheet. This will give rise to what is known as cookie dough. After this some people like to eat dough as it is or use the dough as an addition to vanilla ice cream to make cookie dough ice cream. To make chocolate chip cookie one should bake the dough and then serve it hot.

One of the most general variant of chocolate chip cookies is known as chocolate chip cookies in which the chocolate chips are surrounded by chocolate only by adding cocoa. Another kind of chocolate chip cookie is known as negative chocolate chip cookie. It is termed so as its appearance is quite similar to image from a film negative. It is made up of white chocolate instead of the brown one.

Chocolate chip cookies are not only popular for its great taste but also for various other reasons. Chocolate chip cookies are the special cookies of Sesame Street's Cookie Monster. The chain of Doubletree hotels, suits, resorts and clubs has made it there culture to serve cookies to every guest at the time of check in. This is not something very new rather the doubletree is doing this from the year 1980s so as to distinguish themselves from others. Midwest Airlines is also popular due to cookies. They bake and serve cookies to the passengers on board. Even the US defence personnels cant keep themselves away from the cookie fever. The dress worn by them during the Gulf war which has a desert camouflage pattern on it was also termed as chocolate chip. It was termed so since it resembled chocolate chip cookie dough, with its brown, black and light tan specks scattered across the garment. The Citibank is also popular for cookies. They offer free Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies to their customers.

These chocolate chip cookies are readily available in the worldwide market. There are a lot many brands which produces many different kinds of chocolate chip cookies. The most popular brands worldwide are: Chips Ahoy! (Nabisco), Chips Deluxe (Keebler), Famous Amos, Mrs. Fields, Pepperidge Farm, Toll House (Nestl), The Decadent (President's Choice). Although there are various other brands also but they are not as much popular as the ones mentioned above. The price of chocolate chip cookies varies from brand to brand but these are not very costly. It is really popular with the kids and teenagers of United States of America.

These days if you want to purchase chocolate chip cookies, you do not even need to go to market for purchasing the same. You can either place a call to the cookie seller and the cookie will be delivered to your doorstep in few hours, depending on your location from the shop. The other way is to place an order using internet and pay the price online through credit or debit card. In this case also the cookie is delivered at your doorstep. In a nut shell, one can say the chocolate chip cookie is one of the most delicious dishes that are going to remain with humans.