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Chocolate Covered Strawberry



Whenever a happy occasion occurs to your family members or friends, you would be wondering what to present them on the occasion. It would be very nice to present them with a chocolate box, which would be suitable for all types of celebrations. Almost all people in the entire world like chocolates very much, including children and very old persons.

About chocolate covered strawberry chocolates:

There are hundreds of chocolates are available in the United States of America. Logically, when the people live happily, they love to eat chocolates and the beauty is that when they are not in a happy mood, they preserve the chocolates to eat them when they are happy again. In the United States of America, there many popular and leading chocolate manufacturing companies. They are producing thousands of varieties of chocolates for the people. Even in chocolate cover strawberry types, there are many varieties.

Cherry Moon Farm:

This is one of the leading chocolate covered strawberry manufacturing companies of United States of America. They are very popular in the chocolate manufacturing field and they produce very rich and healthy chocolates with many different varieties.

Location and address of the company:

They have round the clock customer service. They would be glad to help you to buy whatever chocolates you wish. Secreetspoon is one of the brand names of their products they have a separate corporate office for their business in the same above address. Some of the varieties of the chocolate covered strawberry are given here for your information.

Hand-dipped strawberry:

This is one of the finest varieties of chocolate covered strawberry produced. It is very rich in taste and in fact, mouth watering creation. In this type of chocolate cover, strawberry is completely hand-dipped and it is covered with nuts. The hand dipping is done in a pure white or a dark chocolate. Apart from nuts, coconuts and chocolate drizzles are used to cover the chocolate covered strawberry items. The combination would be very nice and fascinating flavors. It would be very appropriate to present the box to someone you love. The gift box would include six numbers of chocolate covered strawberry chocolates with a beautifully packed gift box. You can send your personal wishes or message along with your gift box. When you order for this box, they would deliver the chocolate box at your doorsteps. The price of the gift box with six chocolate-covered strawberries is $37.99. The same is also available with twelve numbers and the price is $49.99, which means that you would be saving some money while you purchase the twelve chocolate-covered strawberry box.

There is another variety of chocolate covered strawberry, which is called dried strawberry chocolate. In this type, the perfectly ripped strawberries are dried first. Then the dried strawberries are combined with the dark chocolate and strawberry flavored white chocolates. The taste would give you the feeling of a chocolate and a fruit. The blending is very rich and it is a delicious one to eat. The price for the one-pound weight box is $18. The same type is also available in five pounds pack and the price of the box is $64.99.

Apart from these, there are many different products with branded names.

Red Envelope chocolate covered strawberry is available for $55

Nuts online Pastel Chocolate strawberries, in which all the strawberries are coated in milk chocolate and then covered with pastel strawberry couveture. It has a rich taste and the price is fixed at $7.99

Candy warehouse chocolate covered strawberry item: To make this type of chocolate covered strawberry chocolate, the strawberries are plucked from the fresh chocolate vine, and the succulent milk chocolates delights would vanish inside your mouth, since it would melt so quickly. It would be highly creamy, solid and it would be small, so that you would be able to bite them with pleasure. The milk chocolate is covered with the strawberry foil to give you the best taste. The price is fixed at $49.50.

Usage and duration:

It is very important to notice the expiry date when you buy these chocolates. You have to check the manufacturing time and the expiry time, since it would be harmful to use them beyond the expiry date. When you buy the chocolate cover strawberry items, it would be advisable for you to buy the popular branded items, because, all the branded and high quality chocolate cover strawberry chocolates would be sold immediately after their production. At the same time, when you opt to buy the ordinary chocolate cover strawberry chocolates, the combinations and the blending would not at be at its best, hence it may create disorders in your health.

Proper guidance to the children:

Although the taste of the chocolates is very good and all the children would love very much to eat, the eating of too many chocolates may harm your health, especially, dental health. You have to be careful in eating.

As a parent, it is your duty to advice your children about brushing their teeth after eating the chocolates. The cocoa and the chocolate particles would stay in their teeth and this could cause dental problems. Whenever you eat chocolate covered strawberry or other chocolate related eatables, it is necessary that you should brush your teeth without fail, which, in turn, would help you to protect your teeth. Sometimes, you might have eaten the chocolate covered strawberry or other chocolates after the expiry date. That is the main reason that you should check the date of expiry before buying those chocolates.

The responsibility of the Producers:

Most of the leading chocolate covered strawberry and other chocolates manufacturing companies have taken utmost care to take back the unsold chocolate items to destroy them; on rare occasions, they would not be able to follow their dealers. It is the basic responsibility of the dealers to replace the old stocks as soon as the expiry date is going to end. The manufacturing companies would be glad to replace the old stocks with a fresh consignment.

Conclusion: The chocolate covered strawberry chocolates are very delicious and it would be very tasty to eat. You would feel happy even if you have a thought of eating these types of chocolates. When you present a chocolate box as a gift to others, you would be able to see an enjoyable world.

Acknowledgement: Many sincere thanks to the Cherry Moon Farm website for having provided with some useful information to the customers. It would be very useful for the buyers of chocolate covered strawberry chocolates.


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