Dos and Don'ts of Moving to Murfreesboro TN


Thinking of relocating to Murfreesboro, TN? Here are some pros and cons you should know.


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Murfreesboro, only a short distance from Nashville, Tennessee, is among the fastest-growing cities in the country. It is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the finest places to live. In recent years, it has also surged in popularity, drawing more residents than ever before.

With a current population of 157,816, Murfreesboro has become a top choice for many, thanks to the affordable lifestyle the city provides. Even though the growing infrastructure and improving services seem pretty desirable, there are many things you should consider before relocating here.

This article will tell you about Murfreesboro's good, bad, and shabby sides. So, if you're thinking of moving, keep reading to learn exactly what you need to do before moving to the city and what you should be cautious of.


Things You Need to Consider Before Shifting

Even though Murfreesboro TN is an excellent choice, here are a few things you should take into account before moving in.


    1. Check Out the Neighborhood

    The first thing you should do is decide where you want to live. There are numerous factors to consider while selecting an area. Remember to include in the time it takes to get to necessities like neighborhood stores, grocers, and pharmacies. If you're a parent, you'll want to think about which schools the neighborhood offers.

    Even if you are not a parent, residing in a neighborhood with strong schools can boost your home's resale value. Take into account the neighborhood's urban sustainability and the work commute in addition to these variables. It's best to enlist the help of a reputable local real estate agent who can offer you all of the necessary information and some excellent deals.


    2. Do Some Job Hunting

    Before you move in, you should research the kind of jobs available in Murfreesboro. The city and its environs are home to a slew of big corporations with a predicted job growth rate of 50% in the coming years.

    Look through the classified ads for a job that interests you and apply for it. Moving in will be a lot easier if you have already secured a job.


    3. Think About the Community

    To avoid feeling lonely, it's generally a good idea to develop connections in a community before moving to the city.. Look for hobbies that interest you and areas where you'd like to spend your free time. This way, you can join the community groups catered to your preferences via social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Meetup, and others, making the transition easier.


Pros and Cons of Living in Murfreesboro

Before moving into a new home, the most important thing to do is consider the benefits and drawbacks. You don't want to relocate to a city where the disadvantages outnumber the advantages. Here are some interesting facts about Murfreesboro that you should think about.



  • Murfreesboro is a fantastic place to call home. It is one of only seven states in the country that does not levy a state income tax, allowing you to take more money home if you earn a bigger paycheck. Many businessmen and large corporations find this appealing.
  • It's also a fantastic area to raise a family. The schools and healthcare systems are perfect for your family, and the city's low crime rate can provide you with a peaceful night's sleep.
  • If your children are interested in attending a public university close to home, there are several wonderful local colleges to choose from.
  • There is a myriad of enjoyable activities available here. Tennessee has a bear park, which includes a dog park and is a great area for wine lovers. During the summer, the downtown area holds boro art crawls, which exhibit local businesses' unique products. There are also numerous art, music, and dance festivals held at galleries.
  • If you are an animal lover, there is an animal shelter in Christiana, Tennessee, 10 minutes away from Tennessee and home to many stray animals. Before visiting, be sure to call and make a reservation. Aside from that, there are several outdoor parks where you can engage in physical activities like cycling.
  • Murfreesboro has a long and illustrious history. It was also the site of a civil war battle that is today known as the Stones River National Battlefield. Murfreesboro's Discovery Center is a great resource to visit. This is a museum that will draw children of all ages.



  • Living in Murfreesboro also has its drawbacks, one of which being the traffic. At various times of the day, it can be hectic. Drivers can become irritated, and they may even tail you and be obnoxious on the road. Before moving in, it's a good idea to research the city's traffic patterns, so you know which neighborhoods to avoid during rush hour.
  • Murfreesboro's weather is often fickle. The weather can change quickly from warm and sunny one day to tremendous downpours the next. December and January are the coldest months of the year, with a high likelihood of snow, which causes schools to close.
  • Before relocating into any section of the city, it is recommended to check for flood zones. If an access point road near your location becomes flooded, this can create significant inconvenience.
  • Another factor that may cause you concern is the number of bugs. Big brown mosquitoes are frequently found hovering around you, and we all know how bothersome their buzzing sounds can be, not to mention the itching from their bites. If you have a mosquito allergy, you should exercise caution before traveling to Murfreesboro.


Do Your Homework Before Moving In

Murfreesboro is a lovely place to live, not only for families but also for retirees. With its rapidly increasing economy, infrastructure, and employment rate, this location will undoubtedly become a top priority for most people very soon.

With the information we have provided, you should now be able to make a mindful decision about moving to Murfreesboro, Tennessee.



This article was published on 12/28/2021.