Best Neighborhoods in Eugene, OR


The city of Oregon is home to plenty of art communities, surrounded by mountains and nature that offer a list of possible outdoor activities. Depending on your needs and budgets, Oregon will certainly have a home and neighborhood that would suit you the best.

Having a total of 23 Eugene, Oregon neighborhoods, some of these could be considered the best neighborhoods in Eugene, OR. Indeed, it is worth the time to think about relocating to this city.

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What are the best neighborhoods in Eugene, OR?

One good way of helping people find the most suitable place to live is by identifying which neighborhoods have a more excellent Livability Score than the others through the neighborhood map.

When planning to choose an area, Livability has appeared as an essential concept since it takes into consideration several notions such as sustainability, the health of communities, etc.

Based on their Livability Score, the following are considered the best neighborhoods in Eugene, OR.


South Eugene High School

Obtaining an outstanding Livability score of 86/100, South Eugene High School is the top-rated neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon.

Apart from having a hundred percent lower real estate prices than the standard Eugene price, the overall cost of living in this place is lower by 7 percent than the average Eugene cost.

Moreover, crime rates in South Eugene High School are likewise a hundred percent lower than the average Eugene crime rate. It makes the area around South Eugene High School an ideal place for growing families.


Cal Young, Eugene, Oregon

Cal Young acquired a total Livability Score of 76 out of 100, still viewed as excellent. Compared to the average Eugene rate, crime rates in Cal Young are lower by 16 percent.

Although rental prices in Cal Young cost 8 percent more than the average Eugene price, real estate prices are lower than the standard ones by 2 percent. Overall, the cost of living in Cal Young is equivalent to the Eugene average.


Friendly Area, Eugene, Oregon

Third on the ranking list is the Friendly Area, Eugene, Oregon, which obtained a Livability score of 76 out of 100, similar to Cal Young.

In general, living in Friendly Area costs 5 percent more than the Eugene average. The reason behind this could be the real estate prices that are 16 percent higher than the standard Eugene real estate price.

Further, the costs of rental are 17 percent higher than the typical Eugene expenses. The good thing, though, is the safety in the area. In fact, the crime rates in Friendly Area are 9 percent lower compared to the Eugene crime rate.


Safest neighborhoods in Eugene, Oregon

After considering the expenditures and location of different Eugene Oregon houses, you want to know which among these homes for sale are the safest neighborhoods in Eugene, Oregon.

From stealings to onslaughts and murders, the FBI provided crime data that is beneficial in identifying which places are the safest. Based on the recent crime statistics by the FBI, here are the top 3 safest neighborhoods to live in Eugene, Oregon.

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Laurel Hill Valley Eugene, Oregon

Having a total crime rate that is lower by 21 percent than the national average, Laurel Hill Valley ranks as the safest neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon. Laurel Hill Valley is also considered a lot more unassailable than 89 percent of the Oregon cities.

Laurel Hill Valley has 57 percent less than the federal average in terms of violent crimes. Living in Laurel Hill Valley gives you a 1 in 54 odds of becoming a victim of criminality.


Crest Drive, Eugene, Oregon

Aside from the good schools known to be located on Crest Drive, the place also brags about its safe neighborhood with a crime rate that is 16 percent lower than the standard Oregon crime rate.

In comparison with the 79 percent of other cities in Oregon, Crest Drive is considered safer, leaving you a 1 in 41 odds of becoming a crime victim.


Fairmount, Eugene, Oregon

Although crime rates in Fairmount are higher by 19 percent than the national average, violent crimes are still lesser by 36 percent than the federal rates. There is a 1 in 36 risks of being a victim of crime, still making it safer than 73 percent of the cities in Oregon.


Housing Market Trends

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In a recent evaluation of housing development in Eugene by the ECONorthwest, the sales housing market in Eugene, Oregon, is considered balanced. Based on the analysis, townhouses are more feasible than a Eugene Oregon condo in the sense of commercial.

As of April 2022, Eugene, Oregon, was a seller's market, which implies that more people are becoming more interested in buying houses and land in Eugene Oregon than there are places available.

Additionally, housing prices in Eugene, Oregon increased by 17.4 percent when we compared it with the same month last year. From 2020 until the present, the Eugene housing market trends have increased continuously.

However, the average list expenditure of Eugene Oregon condos is lower in April 2022 at $399,900 than the $525,000 in 2021.



Overall, Eugene, Oregon, appears to be an excellent place to live, offering its homeowners both a great city and several outdoor activities opportunities.

With an affordable budget for your plans to buy a home, Eugene, Oregon, would offer you cheaper real estate properties than the northwest cities such as Seattle, Portland, etc. You can own a decent apartment in Eugene, Oregon, at a reasonable price.

Eugene, Oregon, is also known to be relatively liberal regarding its behavior and thinking. Road conditions are better as there are no traffic jams in this place. Given the affordable cost of living and a handful of perks, residing in Eugene seems possible.

If you are now more interested in living in this location, it would be better to work with a local realtor whose expertise is focused on the area. They will aid you in determining the best neighborhoods in Eugene, OR for you to choose from.

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