The concept of senior living communities evolved from the idea of retirement and senior homes. In fact, when seniors retire from jobs and brim with long memories, unique experiences, entire life's pains and sorrows that they want to share with others. Human nature of companionship does not die with the age, and younger generation is not only short of time, but also short of patience to lend them ears and reserve their precious time for them. Hence, senior communitiesprovide them companions and peers to share their memories and experiences along with enjoyment of senior living communities. They not only need emotional support, but also somebody to take care of their regular needs in case of decapitation and that is what senior living communities do for them.

Senior living communities provide all these services to seniors at a minimal cost. Not only senior communities provide them individuality, independence and privacy, but also much-needed care and companionship. The seniors living in senior communities share their happiness and sorrows to pass their times. They take part in cultural and social activities and meet their children and families. Several senior living communities also arrange medical care, reading and video facilities and group activities to keep them busy.