Elder care is one of the most challenging tasks at homes, senior homes and nursing homes. It not only demands certain specific character traits like tolerance, patience, courtesy, loving accent and extra caring attitude, but also physical qualities of taking extra pains in taking care of the senior citizens. The reason is that elder populations require round the clock attention, friendliness, daily routine as well as medical help.

Reason behind this extra caring attitude and physical exertions is that elder generations suffer from several emotional, traumatic and health problems. They not only need company and friends of the same age, but also patient listeners to give ears to their daily problems, their lifelong memories and their medical issues. They could be suffering from emotional problems that demand compatible handling. They could face problems in daily cares that need regular attendant in dressing, bathing and getting around. They could go through medical problems that need expert medical aid. These problems require proper knowledge and extra-caring attitude to handle so that not only their individuality and independence remain intact, their privacy, self-respect and dignity should also remain preserved.

Therefore, elder homes and assisted living centers ensure to provide assisted living facilities for elder care in removal of their daily problems and assist them in leading a happy old life.