Several professionals become senior citizens after retirement and immediately plan their future activities. However, when they find out that they are like a fish in hot waters, for the children are now preoccupied with their own children, jobs and life, while grandchildren have their own enjoyments, they feel loneliness and solitude with nobody to share their sorrows, pains and memories. This is the opportunity when they feel the need to enjoy assisted living facilities.

In fact, moving out of houses spent entire lifetime can be a sorrowful experience, but they are in dire need of company, friends and assistance in daily routine. Their children are no more young, for they have their own children and business or job's engagements do not permit them to take proper care of their parents. Office colleagues and other friends also retire and find similar assisted living facilities with similar colleagues. Hence, the idea of sharing the memories and experiences of the past with colleagues prevents the depression from taking hold of them.

Moreover, old age is in itself a problem comprising daily cares, health problems, solitude and weakening physique. Therefore, assisted living facilities like care for daily routine, medical care and association of friends become a great source of leading a happy life.