Spokane assisted living provides four basic aspects of a happy life; laughter, comfort, companionship and freedom. What more seniors desire!

Spokane assisted living not only proves an exclusive experience, but also a revealing one lived amid the musical melodies of the waters of the Spokane River. Life lived in assisted living Spokane centers with the lily flowers is enough to forget even families and homes. Assisted living facilities in Spokane are not only limited to presenting the best natural beauty, but also offer the beautiful blend of the modern infrastructure with sky-high green trees. Called a Lilac City, life in assisted living Spokane communities has become a hub for cultural and social activities. With its best streetcar transportation system and fully equipped Sacred Heart Medical Center along with and Deaconess Medical Center, assisted living facilities in Spokane have become the first priority of most of the senior generations. Lifetime experience to be shared while watching Lilac Festival in every May and Armed Forces Torchlight Parade could become even more memorable. Furthermore, Spokane offers a host of other diversions that incorporate classes for seniors at Community Colleges of Spokane, ITT Tech and campus of University of Phoenix.  Assisted living facilities in Spokane never fall short of seniors' expectations.