Older generation often envisions peaceful and calm living after retirement. However, some retirees want to enjoy access to a host of cultural, social and fitness activities, while some others want to move to a remote smaller home surrounded by other peers. However, the idea behind both concepts is independent living. Though senior independent living has several other terms like senior housing, retirement homes and senior apartments, the objective of all of them is the same that is senior independent living.

In fact, senior independent living provides great freedom, dignified lifestyle, individual care and versatility in that these residences are compact, private and easy to maintain. Independent living community centers for seniors not only include community services, but also provide local transportation, group meals, laundry services and opportunities for social activities. Mostly senior independent living provides services for daily routine activities such as personal grooming, dressing along with diverse community services, but no medical services such as medication and nursing care. The reason of shifting senior citizens to these independent living facilities arise when they feel unbearable loneliness at homes and younger generation has no time to share their thoughts, memories and problems. Sometime they need a little assistance in personal care, but preoccupations of jobs, business and children do not permit younger generations to take care of their seniors. Hence is the option of senior independent living.