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Mobile home insurance Florida


"The term "Mobile Home" means the home or housing complex, which can be portable i.e., can be moved from one place to another. According to Florida Statutes Chapter 320.01 definitions, the term "Mobile home" means a structure, transportable in one or More sections, which is 8 body feet or more in width and which is built on an integral chassis and designed to be used as a dwelling when connected to the required utilities and includes the plumbing, heating, air-conditioning and electrical systems contained therein. All mobile or manufactured homes owners are required to acquire licenses in Florida as per Chapter320, Florida Statutes. The mobile home insurance is the insurance covers or schemes provided by the insurance companies for mobile home. Florida is the one of most populous and fastest growing provinces of the United States. It has a population of about 17.40 million people and is also known as a sunshine State in USA. Like other states in USA, the insurance companies provide various insurance options for the Florida residents. Among them, mobile home insurance is popular insurance scheme here.


The brief details of some of the insurance companies providing mobile home insurance in the Florida province are as follows: -


This company is part of the Farmers insurance group. It is providing mobile home insurance service since 1952. The Corporate office is located at 5600 Beech Tree Lane, Caledonia, Michigan 49316. The regional claims settlement offices of the company are located throughout the United States. The types of mobile home insurances provided to the customers are:


This scheme is intended for the mobile home owners who rent their homes. The homeowners can insure his/her all mobile homes under the single policy of the company.


This program is intended for the individuals who use their mobile homes for commercial purposes i.e., offices, Retail shops, Tutorials, confectionary shop etc. Under this program too, individuals can insure their one or more mobile homes used as commercial shops with a single insurance policy. This minimizes the costs of the premiums to be paid which applies for multiple insurance policies.

The company also insure rental and commercial Travel trailers under the above two schemes. The mobile home insurance policy of Foremost is called the AARP Mobile Home Insurance Program. The main feature of the foremost AARP mobile home Insurance program is:

1. Competitive Premiums rates,

2. 24/7 hours operation including holidays,

3. Single Insurance Cover for all the mobile homes,

4. Flexible payment options &

5. Coverage of the flood damages under the National Flood Insurance Program.


It is another prominent player in the insurance field. It is located at 200 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10166. The company has four Regional Offices and 15 field claim offices, located throughout the United States. The main features of the mobile home insurance program of MetLife Insurance Company are: -

1) Maximum protections of mobile home investment against hails, storms, fire or robbery etc.

2) Full coverage of the mobile homes including attached properties such as garages and storage sheds.

3) Insurance covers for multiple types of mobile homes. The scheme is available for the mobile home with minimum asset valuation of $50,000,

4) Flexible payment options,

5) Discounts on policies for new mobile homes &

6)Discount for elder mobile home owners aged 55 years or more.