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Rating auto insurance companies

Auto insurance companies can be rated in following manner :

* A++ and A+ (Superior)
* A and A- (Excellent)
* B++ and B+ (Very Good)
* B and B- (Fair)
* C++ and C+ (Marginal)
* C and C- (Weak)

Mainly rating Auto insurance companies are done according to the basis of risk claims provided bye insurance company. there are many factores on which rate of your claim depends. if you are a very rough driver with high accident history and you have fast speed of claims then there are chances for you to get better rate. area of residence is also an important factor in determining the rate, for instance you reside in an accident porn area then you may get better insurance rates. your credit score also is an important factore which determine that are you able to pay installment properly or not.Summing up above points will lead to these points :

* No of accidents you have in past days,
* Tickets or claims on your past record,
* Your driving status ( you have better chances when you are a rough driver, but if you are a clean driver then look out for best deal which is going to be a tough task)
* Area of residence
* Your credit score,

Your insurance rates increases with increase in accidents and speed of claims made. Check out for different companies to get best offers, some times insurance companies also provides other benefits so to get those you need to be you need to be properly informed about them. Avail of discounts that you are eligible for such as defensive driving, driver education and driving a vehicle with airbags, automatic seatbelts and anti-theft devices. Check out local listing for best deals. compare insurance rates online or bye other means. Here are some points which will lead you to get best deals:

* Some companies use to prefer risky drivers instead of clean driver, so avoid companies that cater to high risk drivers if you have a clean driving record.
* There are some deductibles for primeum rate such as your driving knowledge, make and model of your car, safety features of your car, increasing your deductibles is one way to secure a competitive automobile insurance rate.
* Find out the various discounts that you are eligible for. Best way to know about these discounts is to know from other clients of company, booklets and other company documents, some times if you have friendly with insurance agents then there are chances of getting best discounts.
* Choose a policy with the requisite coverage\'s.
* Rating depends upon a combination of factors -- overall experience, claims handling, policy options, pricing and financial strength. this comprises that how old that insurance company is, how do they handle claims, various policy options provided ( larger the policies, larger coverage options available for you), financial strength of that company( do they are able to pay bigger amounts when needed quickly).
* Check out the financial strength and complaint history of the insurance company as also its ratings for auto insurance.

Auto insurance companies rates are required to be filed publicly. This makes it easier for a customer to compare and select on an appropriate policy. Always refer to more then one company to get best deals, select policy according to your need considering physical features in mind, choose a policy on which you dont need to bent down often. These rates for auto insurance are subject to change.

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