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Student health insurance coverage

This vulture which we call sickness : Henri Frederic Amiel

And as a young student you probably should be the one enjoying the beauty of nature most, and then anyone else around you. But falling sick is just inevitable and one thing we can't do is cease it occurrence.

You might have seen your father or mother paying a huge some as premium for a health insurance which on the other hands provides them peace of mind as they do not have to worry if someone in the family just meet with an emergency medical ailment. But it is not your parents that only need an insurance coverage but you as a student do also need it. As in many case you probably have to move away from your home for studying and your parent's health insurance in this case would not cover you and you parent have to worry more for your health. Don't worry there are many insurance providers who would love to insure your life in these cases.


To avail the student health insurance coverage you have just fulfill any of the following conditions. You have to be

A citizen of USA studying outside USA.

A foreign student studying in USA

A citizen of USA studying in USA.

So if you fall under any of this category there are firms just waiting to hear from you. But before you apply for health insurance coverage always remember to ask few questions such as for how much sum you can be assured. What will be the deductibles? Remember the higher the deductible lower will be premium you have to pay. although a lower premium is the prominent feature of student health insurance but don't be fooled by the insurance providers and land up on a cheap health insurance coverage which will not cover you as it has are some plane which will be beneficial for you as to give you an idea of what you can be covered for.

1. Envisage International Corporation: the concern runs a portal named as which has all the resources you might need to know about the health plan available to you in USA (Here we will talk about the plan which are provided by different health insurance providers in the USA) The site is very useful in the sense that it has all the information that you might require to find the best insurance health coverage in USA. Lets check out some of the information which will be very beneficial to find the right plan and insurance provider for you.

US Domestic Plans

1. Student select ; this health plan is for those students who are still in schools or colleges and provide students with high quality insurance coverage. To be eligible you have to be full time college student in one of the state accredited college or university and you have to be below 30 year of age.

The comprehensive benefits that you might avail form the program are

You will be provided the coverage when you are traveling in USA.

You have liberty to choose your own doctor or hospital

You will be provides the coverage for the whole year not only for the time you are in school.

the policy is renewable even if when you have left the school.

2. Short term medical insurance : this plan is specially designed to fill the gap between two insurance coverage. That is why it is for short term for six month maximum or you can also opt for a maximum of 12 month period. This plan is non-renewable and can't be renewed after the expiry of the agreed period which has to be less then a year. The policy provides for health coverage such as

outpatient department in accredited hospital.

emergency room treatments.

you would be covered for hospital rooms if hospitalized.

3. Global citizen health insurance: this is initiative and is available to US student no matter wherever they reside in the world.this is specially meant for USA citizens and its coverage is strewn in over 160 countries. The plan have more then 3, 80,000 providers in USA itself. Apart from other ailments the plan covers mental health also. The plan is renewable and is the only international plan which is HIPAA complaint. This plan is annually renewable.

International plans

These plans are meant for USA student who are studying abroad or foreign students who are studying in USA. Lets see the major plan under this category

1. Student secure, international student health insurance : this plan is both for USA citizen and those students who are studying outside their country of citizenship and have some of the very useful terms associated with it to provide a health insurance coverage in a foreign country such as.

High medial coverage.

Prescription medicines.

Coverage even for maternity and mental health

the plan provides even for sports injuries.

2. Atlas international travel health insurance : this plan provides you with international travel health insurance and is available to both USA student and Non-Us students. There is also a program "Atlas America plan" for NonCUSA citizens, who are traveling in USA. The plan provide the following benefits


doctors or hospital visit

24 assistance services

And many more. This plan is renewable.

3. Global citizen exp: this plan is specially meant for students who have to reside outside the USA for their studies. This program is specially advantageous as all domestic plan just fails to cover outside USA and the Medicare plan just don't seems to work in these circumstances so it acts to fill the gaps during the period of your study in some other country.

Hence after knowing that there is no dearth of health insurance plan for you as a student , you should do insist to have one this will not only make you worry free but will reduce monetary and mental burden from your parents too.

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