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Travel medical insurance


It may not be true if I say that everyone loves to travel, though most of us love to travel. When we ask anyone whether they would like to travel abroad, then I do not think that there will be anyone who would say no for it. Though travel is not a risk which would be agreed by everyone though most of the times for some people or for everyone it ends up as a risky process. We have read and heard about so many accidents and death everyday during travel. At times some people die, some are safe but with major injuries and only few with minor or no injuries. Though many of us have life insurance, most of us do not have travel insurance. Things that happen in a local travel may be taken as negligible by most of them but not when you travel abroad.

Travel medical insurance

We all need to have a travel medical insurance when we go on for long trips, adventurous trips or trips abroad. Let?s say a person is traveling abroad and he falls ill or gets injured over there, what is he going to do in a place where the currency is different and he for sure will not know where to go for medical help or assistance and at those difficult times these insurances come in handy.

The coverage, premium and benefits of these travel medical insurance differs as per the country, coverage and the insurance company from which we are taking these policies. Most of these travel insurances cover for flight delays, missing of baggage, when baggage is stolen and many more. Some insurance companies give benefits like; let?s say if you have to cancel your transport/accommodation arrangements due to an unforeseen and unforeseeable circumstance outside your control, you can claim for the non-refundable cancellation costs, which is going to be of real help. Some even cover the legal claims made against us which could have happened because of our negligence. And the most beneficial coverage which most of the insurance companies provide is that, say if the insured person dies during his trip due to as a result of an injury or illness overseas then the insurance covers for your burial or cremation overseas, or bringing back your remains to your country of residence.

These medical insurance companies also do services like Medical Services provider referral, Arrangement of hospital admissions, lost luggage assistance, Emergency Travel Services, Embassy referral services, Claims procedure information services.


Medical Accident Sickness Expenses

Loss of Baggage

Loss of Passport

Delay of Baggage

Few documents that the insured has to submit for all these claims are filled in claim form, doctor report, copy of passport/visa with entry and exit stamp, original bills and original admission card, copy of boarding pass, copy of new passport, copy of previous passport, copy of tickets, copy of FIR, original bills for expenses made to obtain a new passport, Copies of Correspondence with the Airline authorities certifying about the delay, Details of compensation received from Airlines/Other authorities.

Most of us would say that nothing will happen to me and why should I take coverage, yes we all agree and we all wish that nothing bad should happen to us at any point of time but then the probability of at least some minor thing happening to most of us is on a high and we all know this very much.

Listed above are the few coverage that most of the insurance companies have in their travel medical insurance and to all those who are travelers, let's not risk our life's for nothing when we have solution for it. Happy Insured Traveling!