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Diamond car insurance

Quote the names of cheap car insurance and you would certainly fine the diamond car insurance in the list of the cheapest. Are you a girl and in look out for cheaper car Insurance, then the Diamond car insurance should be your best choice and a good friend! In spite of offering cheaper car insurance for female drivers offers innumerable number of policies. Women's claims cost less and this is the main reason for the insurance companies to offer it cheap. The assistance is provided 24 hours. In considering a good diamond insurance there are a few things you need to know. And that is about diamond insurance policies. A specialized type of insurance, it's up to you to come prepared with all the particulars you're concerned about.

Purpose of Diamond insurance

Created in order to provide the cheaper car insurance; especially for women drivers. Information shows that women prove to be safer drivers. They have less serious accidents; enabling Diamond car insurance to provide considerable discounts to women drivers.

Providing a great range of benefits, such as:

A guaranteed replacement car (subject to conditions) and 24-hour accident and glass repair help lines; it proves to be the most attractive in the market.

The benefits a Diamond policy offers On full policy a free handbag cover * bag and contents covered up to *300 A 24 hour emergency helpline On comprehensive policies when using one of Diamond*s approved repairs a free courtesy car is provided providing a Hassle-free claims service You can add your partner to your policy as a named driver Unlimited windscreen cover * for complete policy. Flexible payment options Compare quotes of Diamond Insurance with that of others

Get quotes from various insurance people and look for the cheaper car insurance.

Undoubtedly it is the Diamond car insurance now! Now that a question would arise in your mind as to; How can Diamond provide cheaper car insurance for women* The answer is simple. It is just by providing car insurance for women; we can pass on the savings to our customers. Women generally meet with the same number of accidents as men; but the claim for the women's car insurance cost less. And so the Diamond is able to pass on the savings to you.

Why choose Diamond Car Insurance*

Diamond is a cost-effective insurance proving the quality of the coverage of its policies.

The reports or the data*s from the recent surveys done also shows that, women are better drivers than men. The statistics is the result of the collection of data for many years by car insurance companies. This is with regard to the similar car insurance companies that provide insurance for women and men. Usually, an insurance company meets more of expenses to fix a car in case of accidents met by a man. This is so as the car has to be extensively repaired. Women drive mostly at normal speed level and are more likely to have accidents at lower speeds too. But it causes far less damage to their car.

Questions that might trouble you

However good the policy is; there are certain questions that trouble your mind at times. They might be related to certain changes you would want to do, like:

Change your policy: To cope with the busy lifestyles and to make things easier you can request changes to your policy by email. Click on the change you wish to make and complete the online request form. Process is so quick that your request scrutinized within 24 hours.

Change your car details: For any changes regarding the changes of your car details. You need to answer ALL the questions below and then submit. All you need to do is to press the button at the bottom of the page. Your request is processed as soon as possible and gets a feed back to you by email within 24 hours. The details asked would be like:

Policyholder's details


Date of birth

Post code

Policy number

Email address

Telephone number

Your request

You are then asked; would you like us to:

* Give you a quote for this change

* Change your actual policy details starting from the following date: (dd/mm/yyyy)

Furnish the details of the New car with its:

* Registration number and its make

* Type (e.g. LX, Ghia)

* Engine size (e.g. 1600cc)

* Year of manufacture

* Year bought

* Body type

* Number of doors

* Color

* Value of car

* Standard right hand drive: Yes No and so on Add a driver: There are some details needed regarding the driver if it needs to be added too. Hence please answer the following questions and click on the Submit button. Your request is processed within the 24 hours. Here again you need to furnish details like: Policyholder's details Name Date of birth Postcode Policy number Email address Telephone number Your request: Type of driving license the driver holds How long has the driver held this license* Does the driver regularly use another car* Will this driver be the main driver of your car*

8. Change your level of cover: here you furnish details regarding the level of coverage. Whether Third party, fire & theft third party only

9. Replace your documents: Details regarding why these documents need to be reprinted* If lost then details regarding the same. And Lost Never received Details if incorrect would become an offence or a crime. Would you need to make a claim*

Is it for accidental damage claims or for the theft*

10. Change your details: When there is a need for the change in the details or was the car originally manufactured for sale outside the EU country* Does the car have an electronic engine immobilizer* Will you be the registered owner of this car* Is the car modified from original specifications*

What if due to personal circumstances car details change during the year*

The Policy Booklet information helps to keep your policy up-to-date and is important to remember that failing to inform the policy agent about the change could invalidate your policy.

What and where are details about Diamond policy excess*

"Can you explain what an excess is*" should give you a brief explanation about it. Refer to the Definitions in Policy Booklets given regarding the policy.

To drive someone elses car

For 25 years or over, Diamond gives you Third Party coverage in case of driving else's car. However refer to Section 5 of your current Certificate of Motor Insurance. Or the Customer Care Team can explain to you the terms of your cover.

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