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International travel medical insurance

When you travel outside your native country you will be exposed to many risks like plane accidents, developing diseases due to the climatic odds, dangers of ship sinking, flaming into fires, attacks by miscreants and many other perils when traveling abroad. If you are planning for a trip abroad then you may face problems like trip cancellation, delay and trip interruption.

Medical insurance products include emergency medical expenses, medical evacuation for medical emergency, insurance in case of death or accidents etc. you will be insured with all expenses that are most likely to incur like airfare, boarding and lodging, meals, tourism costs etc. But now-a-days most of the purchasers of this policy face a number of hassles while buying this policy like lengthy applications, coverage that doesn?t seem to be promising, benefits of the policy that do not appear to be attractive and minimum duration of the trip. Patriot Executive is a policy that is planned for those individuals who frequently visit outside U.S. for 30 days or less days per trip. This policy is generally offered to any individual who are under the age of 76, travel outside U.S throughout the year and who are the citizens of U.S.

Even the non-citizens visiting abroad frequently throughout the year become eligible for this policy. This policy is not renewable but the policyholder can again apply for the following policy. The annual premium to be paid for the policy for an individual is U.S.$ 200 to $250. If you purchase this policy it is valid for one year and the maximum duration of the trip will be from 15 days to 30 days. International Global Insurance is another policy designed for people of all nationalities expect for those U.S. citizens who are subject to exchange control or local licensing controls or who are convicted by the court earlier.

But there are few criteria that need to be fulfilled:

An individual should attain the age of 18 years and the upper age limit to apply is 74 years. Even children below 18 years become eligible if their guardian have applied to this policy i.e. they can be considered as dependents. The policy can be renewed if desired by the policyholder. The policy will be automatically renewed by sending a notice to the policyholder to his latest address. The maximum benefit that can be covered for exposing to perils like terrorism is about $ 50,000, but the below-mentioned criteria should be fulfilled.

You must not be directly linked with the terrorism group, as a terrorist at any time and the injury that is caused to you must not be resulted from any chemical or biological weapon or nuclear armaments. Terrorist attack should not take place in a location or a country where in the U.S. government has restricted tourism or traveling. Even if you are sentenced to leave a country by the law you must have not unintentionally failed to depart from the country earlier.

The different products that can be insured for terrorism acts are AD&D, Permanent total disability coverage and MultiNational Accident Plan. If you require more information about the product then click MultiNational Underwriters. Individuals belonging to sports background and defense field cannot apply for his policy. The total amount you become eligible or premium that will be payable by you is determined by taking your current occupation into consideration. You may be subjected to questioning if you are transferring from another policy to Inter Global policy. This policy may be terminated if you are a U.S. citizen and are returning to your home country and the stay in home country exceeds 180 days. Right from the joining date of the policy upto completion of 2 years, this period is known as waiting period where your medical conditions will be observed carefully and if you are most likely to be exposed to the symptoms you will not be eligible. After two years he will be benefited under this policy if he has not experienced symptoms or sought medical advice or treatment.

If you happen to be an in-patient following are the limits for eligibility. If you are choosing a Ultra Care Plus Plan then the limit is $3,400,000, for Ultra Care Comprehensive Plan it would be $1,70,000, Ultra Care Select Plan it is limited to $1,275,000 and for Standard Plan it is $8,50,000. There is no need to make down payments to any hospitals but payments will be made directly to the hospital by the policies that you are covered. If you are seeking for out-patient coverage your claims will be settled within 10 days. The process for out-patient financing is very quick if you have purchased IntraGlobal Policy provided you submit all the documents and invoices needed. The peculiar characteristic of the premium policy is that it is age-related and increases according to your increase in age.

Obviously every year you grow older so it does not mean that the premiums increase every year. There is a specific age limit mentioned and if you cross the limit mentioned your premium increases. Age group between 0 -17; 18 -25; 26 - 29; 30 - 34; 35 - 39; 40 - 44; 45 - 49; 50 - 54; 55 - 59; 60 - 64; 65 - 69; 70 - 74 etc? also the premiums increase with the medical inflation caused due to market fluctuations. Normally the increase is between 7% to 15%. If your policy remains free throughout the period then you will be entitled for discount when you renew your policy as follows: For the first year you will be discounted by 10% of the total amount of premium to be made, similarly second year it will be 15% and for the third period it is 20%. You can pay your premium annually then you may pay by credit card, banker ?s draft etc. you will also receive a membership pack which will consist of details like Assistance Cards, Plan guide, Table of benefits and a form or application for out-patient. If you have chosen the policy of Plan Travel you will receive plan documentation.

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