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Life insurance sales lead

A life insurance sales lead is a customer who seeks to buy a life insurance policy. There are two ways of creating leads. The seeking customer may himself approach the insurance company and ask for the terms and conditions of the policy. The life insurance agents may call up to a particular individual whom he gets to know either through contacts from friends or relatives. He can only visit the families living nearby. Usually the prospective customers who wish to buy this policy are married men or individuals who live with their families. They are willing to buy the life insurance policy because when they die they are survived by their families whom they can nominate as nominees. Lonely, bachelors or spinsters who know that they will die alone will not be interested in buying the policy.

There are different methods of creating leads. The agent is sent to the house of the client who requires the policy, or through telephonic exchange customers are created. Also e-mails can be sent to the leads and you may wait for their reply. The leads are ultimately the source of income to the insurance companies. The other sources of lead are the directories, government records, internet listings, yellow pages etc. the life insurance sales lead has to qualify a few conditions before buying a particular policy. Out of the total leads created by the insurance companies and the other representatives, it is not necessary that all the leads buy the policy.

Some of them may be already insured earlier or simply may not be interested with the policy. But compared to the other policies, it is the easiest task to create leads for life insurance policy. Almost everybody who runs a family requires a policy and everyone seeks for old-age comfort. If you are selling the product of any property insurance, only the persons who are utmost wealthy and are exposed to risk of property damage will buy the policy.

Some common factors that are usually assessed of the lead are the ID proof, residence proof and the income proof. It would be easier to secure the policy if the lead earns regularly monthly income because he must be able to pay monthly premium.

After buying the insurance policy the buyer must show insured interested with the policy. For e.g.: if he applies for the insurance policy and commits suicide by leaping from the height of the building within few months, then he has not proven his interest with the policy.

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