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Medical insurance wisconsin

There are different health insurance policies provided in Wisconsin. You must buy these policies depending upon your suitability. There are many kinds of individual policies to choose:

1. Major Medical: it is normally a deductible paid instead of low premiums.

2. PPO?s are known as Preferred Provider Organization Plans. The buyers of the policy pay the monthly premium to the specific network of providers for their services. There are varied types of PPO?s products and most of them are similar to Major Medical policy. The pay is directly made to the doctors when the patient visits him for consultation and also he is paid his compensation to buy the needed prescription drugs, etc.

3. The HMO?s are termed as Health Maintenance Organization. These organizations do not compensate the patient specifically at the time of doctor?s visit for sudden downfall of health like the other policies. In general they collect monthly premium from this buyers and pay it to the service providers like doctors monthly whether you visit him for illness or not. Therefore these policies always keep you ready for doctor?s visits. You need not wait for the insurers to settle the doctor?s debts in case of emergency visits.

4. The Health Savings Account usually termed as (H SA) is a two-product concept where you must pay high deductibles at reduced costs and also open a tax-deductible account similar to IRA.

For all the above types of policies the policyholder must contribute his dollars to his tax deductible H SA account and withdraw it when he need it for paying off the medical expenses and it will not cost him penalty.

The product of Health Saving Account is really unique:

when the policyholder wants to withdraw from his account in order to meet his medical expenses, he will be allowed to meet a number of expenses which were not even mentioned during the time of drawing a policy. For E.g.: Usually dental expenses, contact lenses expenses, braces, dentures are not mentioned by the insurance company before preparing the policy of the buyer. If at the age of 65, your H SA account till exists, then the balance of the account continues to remain as a retirement benefit to you.

Among all the policies the Major Medical plan is the most flexible form of policy that bears the maximum out-of-pocket costs in the form of deductibles and coinsurance. Whereas the PPO expects higher premium and the rules of the policy are quiet flexible. But when you are quitting this policy you are expected to pay some amount of fine.

For HMO the out-of-pocket costs are the lowest and are meant for routine purposes such as office visits, routine exams, prescription drugs etc.

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