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The company of Mercury Insurance was founded in the year 1962. It provides many types of insurance policies like car insurance, home insurance, auto insurance, etc. But it is mainly known for automobile insurance. Their office is located in CaliforniaState and it is one of the leading insurance organizations states. The three main benefits of this organizations are; Security, savings, and standard service. The cost of insurance is lower when they provide it to individuals, families and business people. They provide compensation against the losses incurred after an unexpected happening such as accidents etc. and also compensate against losses that take place due to unfortunate occurrences in the house such as damage due to fire, flood etc. you may be anywhere; may in your houses, on the streets, office premises or parties. But if you come across any calamities you are sure to be insured if you buy the policy from Mercury Life Insurance Company.

The amount of coverage to be received during the desperate hours all depends upon the type of policy that is to be bought by you. But still you can enjoy many benefits from this policy that cannot be sought elsewhere.

  • You can open an account here in the name of your spouse or dependents if you are concerned about their future.
  • You will impart training after you buy the policy.
  • If you are buying auto insurance policy then continuously you are bound to receive discount.
  • You are entitled to retirement savings plan u.s. 401k.
  • When you are visiting medical, dental or any healthcare organizations, you will receive the entire costs that are to be incurred by you.
  • There are plans where you can receive some share of the profit from this company. You can be a shareholder too.
  • The founder of this business group is Mr. George Joseph who is acting as a CEO currently. He was born in the year 1921 who has served in the army formely as a B-17 navigator. When he was in his late 50s the company faced a slight breakdown because his employees or marketing personal could not properly advertise about auto insurance. Most of the individuals thought that it was a risk to invest here. So he gathered youngsters, temporally unemployed people and fresher as employees and continued to work with them. After April 1962, the company began to prosper slowly. then, he named the company as mercury after the Roman god who is believed to be the God of wealth and good fortune .

    Later the company gathered momentum when the company followed careful screening practices than its competitors. Then many people began to buy the policy and the company began flourishing.

    In the year 2004 the growth of the organization was very rapid. During this year nearly premiums amounting to 2.6 millions were written and it owned as asset of dollar 3.0 millions. Today in U.S. he is spoken with great respect almost by everyone and the California assemblyman Tom Caledron addressed him as smart. He is extremely well-versed in the matters of insurance. Today his company is very popular for the casualty and property insurance policies. The Forbes magazine chooses the best industry in U.S. every year and gives awards for the respective company. It selected Mercury as the best industry continuously for four years. Even the S and P i.e. The Standard and Poor ie an organization that provides rating to the industries rated AA the highest grade to this organization. Worldwide it is known for its best management practices and good operations. It has fulfilled almost every client in providing claims against any types of losses by providing standardized service to them.

    The industry is performs its functions so efficiently and almost every customer is satisfied with their operations. Additionally this service-oriented sector can never face depression because every human beings want to make policies. Therefore, these mentioned factors show that the business positions cannot be weakened.

    As the founder now has turned 80 now and is unable to manage, he has handed the responsibility to the President Gabe Tiardor. But yet he screens the legislative and decision-making matters.

    All the types of policies it sells bear a low cost and are affordable to all. It has designed its own website and therefore it can easily link to the world. In this way if there are any change in market trends and some changes in the policies are required, then they can quickly respond to all.

    The different types of policies it sells are life insurance, health insurance, property insurance, liability insurance, automobile insurance and long-term care insurance. For Mercury Life Insurance Company , it provides coverage to medical expenses incurred and even prescriptions prescribed by the doctors. It means long-term care insurance for covering personal liabilities or house maintenance.

    When you apply for the policy it takes time for approval because they try their best to avoid fraud cases.

    If your vehicle is new and you want to apply for policy, then buy MBI ie. Mercury Breakdown coverage insurance policy from them. Those vehicles must be new and should be permitted to be repaired at a licensed facility. When you are buying a car insurance policy then provide services for different reasons like theft, fire, third party service etc.

    Therefore Mercury Life Insurance Company provides very quick responses to customers and the premiums are also low when compared to other companies.

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