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Employment insurance

It is a financial assistance given to who are all unemployed and those who want to improve themselves. Also for some people who are unable to go office like people who are pregnant, people who has to take care of their babies or the one who has to take care of the person who is in the bed of death. For the person who is falling under the above mentioned category will get the employment insurance. Other than this it also gives this privilege for the people those who are sent out of their job without any mistake on their part (ex. A leave vacancy job, temporary project assistant for a particular time period and also for the people who are qualified but didn ?t have the right opportunity).

People eligible for Employment Insurance:

All sorts of help will be provided for persons sent out of their work not for any mistake they have done. To be eligible one should have worked between 420 hrs top 700 hrs. Also the amount will be calculated based on your place of living and the percentage of unemployment in that area. The next one eligible are women who are on the family way, taking care of the new born or adopted baby and attending sick ones. The next one will be people availing leave for attending a relative in deathbed. And for people who are making a living through fishing.

Rules for availing employment insurance

To avail the benefits of employment insurance the following rules needs to strictly followed.

a) Ability and willingness to work anytime

b) Searching for job and periodically keeping track of employers you have contacted

c) Must produce records of your earnings during that period including any revenue from own employment.

d) Timely submission of claimants requests

e) Make sure to inform when you are not in a position for employment

f) If you are going away from your home, make sure you inform before

How to apply for employment insurance?

You can apply for the employment insurance online provided you should have paid your employment insurance premium up-to-date. It will take any where between 30 minutes to 60 minutes to fill this online form. During the filling up sessions make sure you have all the details by your side. If your computer goes off line during the process, the details you had keyed in will not be saved. Once the online filling up of the form is completed you will receive a confirmation number. You can use this number for your further queries. Also make sure to submit a physical copy of the employment details at the nearest service office.

Details you need for filling the form

The following details will be required from your side for filling y\up your insurance application:

1) your social insurance number ? SIN

2) Any identification proof

3) Details of your employment so far (details for the last one year)

4) A cancelled check from your bank for account details, so that the insurance amount will be paid directly to that account

5) Complete details of the last drawn salary with break up

6) To provide a certificate from an authorized medical personnel for claiming sick insurance benefits

7) Certificate of adoption for any insurance claims based on adoption

When and how to apply for Employment insurance

To apply for the employment insurance benefit you have get your record of employment from your last employer once you have stopped working. This should be done within 14 days from your last day of employment. If you are delaying the claims for more the 28 days after your last day of working, you will not be able to claim your benefits. After getting all the details of your employment you can apply online. You can avail the benefit for 14 weeks to 45 weeks. Your first payment will be credited to your bank after 28 days from the date of your claim. Once you have submitted your form online you will be receiving a statement of benefit from the human resource ministry. This will tell you what is your access code and when you will receive your first report.

Some guidelines

If you leave your job by yourself (quit) without proper reason or rhyme, then you are not eligible for employment insurance. Check the rules for the reasons which are accepted. Remember if your reason for leaving your job not coming under any one of the accepted reason then the days you worked there won ?t be taken for insurance purpose. Not joining your company when it calls you after laying you off. This is also considered as leaving the job yourself. If you are facing some issue at your working place and trying to sort it out by yourself. And leaving job as you are not able to sort out the problem, your case will be considered for employment insurance. Please seek legal help to understand this fully. If you are sacked or you left by yourself, you need to file a separate form explaining the situation by answering the questions asked.


There can be disqualifications on the grounds of sacked from the job by the employer and you leaving the job by yourself. There can also be other reasons for disqualifications:

A) If you are not following the officials orders.

B) Not attending an interview for a job as requested by the EI office

C) Not attending an training program or related activity organized by EI office

D) Not accepting a new job offer

E) Knowing the existence of a suitable job and not taking any action to get it

Depending upon some clauses this disqualification can affect your claims you make later date. Any clarifications or settlement on the disqualifications needs to be sorted out by 30 days. For clear and safe transaction seek legal assistance.

Things to do while availing employment insurance

Always be there looking for opportunities to work. Make sure you seek for job. Do submit your weekly activity report. If incase you are in receipt of a payment, do inform. Always have a record of your job search, so that it can be submitted when required. When a job is offered through EI staff, make sure you follow it effectively. Attend all the activities and trainings arranged for you by EI staff. Make sure all these activities are carried out with out fail.


While availing the employment insurance, try and give only correct information. If there is any change in the prevailing situation during the beneficial period, immediately advice the authorities. It is the right decision to avoid any legal proceedings later. It may even affect your claims later. The fine would be more than three times of the total amount you are entitled.


It is a very good scheme for the deserving people. This scheme provides very good benefit for women who are taking care of their family only on their earnings. It protects the bread winner of the family. During the lay off and down sizing periods this scheme helps the person to live a decent life.

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