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The Mercury Car Insurance Company was founded in 1961, to give the best price and service in the car insurance industry. Even today the mercury car insurance company has kept its promise of giving great price, service and long term value to its customers. The automobile policies of mercury provide very liberal coverages as well as high limits. Prices of mercury car insurance are amongst the lowest in the state. The best thing with Mercury auto insurance is that claims are handled quickly which adds to the value of the product.

Mercury Car Insurance is one such group where you can get insurance at low cost, discounts and lot of coverages. In addition to the lost costs that Mercury Car Insurance avails, they also offer prompt service, reliability, convenience and financial stability. The Mercury Car Insurance is such an auto insurance which any individual looks for. It can easily be said that the Mercury Car Insurance is a unique balance of value and service.

The Mercury Car Insurance covers a wide range of costs and damages. This car insurance also covers those damages which are associated with injury to others or may be damage to property or your medical expenses for the injury caused by other driver and also the damage to your vehicle which has been caused due to collision and comprehension. The collision coverage is such that, if you collide against a car in a parking lot your damages will be under the collision coverage. If your car is damaged by a hailstorm that damage will be covered by the comprehension coverage. The mercury car insurance also has a special coverage which is the roadside emergency assistance. The mercury car insurance in fact has a package of coverages which will definitely benefit you.

The premiums that Mercury car insurance charges covers are the actual cost of a claim, the expenses that the company incurs to settle the claim and the companys overhead expenses. The insurers base their rates on the overall loss experience of all drivers they insure. Even if you are a perfect driver and have never met with an accident, your premium is still selected by the claims of other drivers insured by your company. If you want to get the lowest Mercury auto insurance premium available you have to maintain a very good driving record and make sure that your household members are good drivers too

If you have mercury car insurance, the first thing that you got to do after you meet with an accident is make sure that everyone is fine sitting at the back as well as front seat and if required call an ambulance. Secondly, you should always inform the police if you meet with an accident. Thirdly, you should always give your personal information to the other driver which includes your name, address, telephone number and of course mention that you are covered under mercury car insurance. You should also collect the same information from the other driver. Fourthly, as soon as possible contact your mercury car insurance company and inform them about the accident. Finally, you should always cooperate with your car insurance company at the time of investigation during the claim settlement process. If you do not cooperate and complete these formalities the car insurance company can stop making you payment for losses that otherwise you have been covered.

Mercury car insurance provides its customers a 24 hour reporting hotline where you can register your claims and the pre approved repair facilities which helps the claim process and makes it quick and convenient. A Mercury Car Insurance has a network of local professionals, agents and brokers who can easily provide you with such insurance. These brokers and agents are quite reliable and they really take care of providing you the utmost value.

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