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Cheap car insurance massachusetts

Many people in Massachusetts look for a cheaper option of the car insurance when they wish to insure their cars. Of course, there are many car insurance companies that are providing different types of car insurance. Since it is required by law in Massachusetts to get the vehicle insured, a person has to get the car insured at any cost. This is also quite obvious that a person would like to get his car insured at the minimum possible cost in order to save some money. It gains more importance for those people who are interested in getting their car insured only to fulfill the necessary legal requirement.


The insurance market in Massachusetts is one of the most regulated insurance markets in the nation. All the insurance companies have to provide the various insurance products under the provisions of the law. Getting the cheap car insurance in Massachusetts is one of the most difficult tasks because the insurance market here is one of the most expensive markets in U.S. In fact, it is the fourth most expensive insurance market in the nation. The controlling factor in the insurance market in Massachusetts is ERP, the Exclusive Representative Producers and it is this ERP that assigns various insurance tasks to the various insurers here that includes the insurance companies, agencies etc. So, the insurers do not have any control over the risks and they cannot regulate the business of ERP.

The ERP may buy another agency, which covers more risks. As per the Massachusetts Auto Insurance Law, there are some mandatory coverage requirements that have to be fulfilled by the car insurance policy and this is the reason why a person cannot get a cheap insurance policy here quite easily as he can do in other states in U.S. For example, the insurance policy must cover the bodily injuries to others with minimum of $20000 per person as well as $40000 per accident. Similarly, it should also cover a minimum of $5000 with respect to the damage done to the property of some other person. Apart from it, the Massachusetts auto insurance law also provides for a mandated insurance program called as the Safe Driver Insurance Plan, also called as SDIP. Under this plan, a person with low driving risk is able to get the car insurance at a price much lower than the person who is recognized as one with high driving risk.

This risk category depends upon the past performance of the driver and the number of accidents or tickets he has made. The program basically on a point system as per the Massachusetts auto insurance law and is applicable only to the private passenger insurance. Thus, if a person wishes to get the cheap car insurance, he must insure that he is driving safely and has lesser number of accidents or tickets in his name. Also, the Massachusetts auto insurance law determines the responsibility of a person regarding the accident by way of different aspects and as the percentage of the responsibility for the accident increases, the premium a person has to pay towards insuring his car also gets increased. Let us now see how a person can get the cheap car insurance in Massachusetts.


As said above also, the car insurance market in Massachusetts is one of the most regulated markets in the nation and this is the reason why a person does not have the benefit of various insurance companies providing different types of insurance products in competition with others and offering various types of soaps. In fact, the auto insurance industry is now declining as per the various discrepancies in the ERP system. A person can compare the quotes being offered by the different auto insurance companies in order to find the cheap one. There are also other sources of getting the car insurance quotes and these also allow a person to make comparison. One such source is the Quote Car Insurance.

This is basically focused to provide the cheap car insurance quotes to a person. A person can easily resort to the car insurance quotes to get the cheapest possible insurance and it doesn?t matter what car he owns, where he lives, how is the driving record of the person etc. This insurance quote provider specializes in providing the car insurance quotes, which are provided fast and are quite reliable too. A person is just required to provide his zip code and the quotes of all the car insurance providers would be given to him in no time. Comparing the quotes of the various car insurance companies and getting the best policy in terms of price as well as coverage is quite easy at Quote Car Insurance.

As far as the various insurance companies are concerned in Massachusetts, there are many. It includes the following:

American First INS Agency Inc. It is providing its services throughout the state and is based at Quincy. It can be contacted at 122 Quincy Shore DR, Quincy MA 02171. It can be contacted over phone at 617-770-9000.

Aon Risk Service Ins of Mass. This insurance provider can be contacted at 99 High St Boston MA 02110 or at 617-482-3100.

Atlantic General INS Agency INC. This insurance agency is located at 530 Great RD, Acton MA 01720. It can also be called over phone at 978-635-0202.

There are many such insurance provider in Massachusetts that can easily be contacted for getting the required car insurance policy.

A person can also log on to Internet, as there are many web sites that provide information about the car insurance as well as related laws. These web sites also provide the free online car insurance quotes, which also allow a person to make a comparison.


Since the car insurance market in Massachusetts is highly regulated one, it is not very easy to get the cheap car insurance as in the other states in U.S. There are many laws and other such provision under which the car insurance policy is issued. A person can of course compare the quotes of the different car insurance companies in order to get the cheapest possible car insurance. The excellent driving record of a person can easily get him a cheap policy.

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