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Since the birth, one precious thing that remains intact with you until your last breath is- your life itself! And how often do we really sit back and think about it Life itself is so beautiful. But the dark part that we all know is that it is very uncertain. Many lives are directly or indirectly attached to our lives now how many of us are responsible enough to assure a better lifestyle for our loved ones even after we won't be around them to make sure everything runs smooth.

So, I must ask you, or rather you must ask this question to yourself whether you have a life insurance. What is actually life insurance? Life insurance one such tool that is devised to impart financial security to the person insured after a fixed term or his/her loved ones or family members after an unexpected death of the insured person. Life insurance is basically developed in two categories- the first one or the common one is called term life insurance. This life insurance is done for a fixed period of time, generally decided by the policy buyer. The insurance policy matures after the completion of that term. During this stage you will pay your policy premium installments and you'll get hold of the insurance money if you die. Your spouse or the kin claim aligned with the policy on your death.

In another case, the policy is paid or gets mature only after the death of the ensured person. This policy type is called whole life insurance. This type of policy is totally designed for the family members to be benefited after the person's death. Deciding which type of policy to go for is a hard nut to crack. You might be optimistic and ambitious by the end of the term or you and your family might need money. And if you break the policy between the terms to withdraw money, you will be charged 2% rate as a penalty instead of earning interest rate on your deposited amount. Or else, you might want your family not to suffer after your death because of financial pressures in case you are the earning hand to them.

The insurance rate paid on your deposit may vary from person to person. They have different slabs for people of different age groups and different health status too. For instance, a 45years old man with a heart problem will have to pay much more price for his life insurance policy than 25 years old healthy lady would have to. Various insurance policies are price tagged at different costs but it is not essential that you get the best deal at the cheapest price only. Insurance policy is not a consumer durable that you only need to think about saving an extra buck. There are several things that you may miss out in case you are not much aware of them or are just struck to save money. When it comes to life insurance, do you really want your life to be ensured or is it just for the sake of formality.

When you are looking for the best life insurance rate, you need to make sure that you have a thorough knowledge of the policy, the terms and conditions and slabs and the benefits. Your age, health condition, premium amount and the kind of policy you opt for are all the parameters that collectively decide the rate of your life insurance policy.

It is very important to take time out of your busy schedule and do thorough researches work in every possible manner related to your life and its insurance cover. Ask as many questions as you can and grasp knowledge and information regarding the insurance policy. Consult various institutes simultaneously and ask for varied plans so that you can compare insurance policies of same level between different providers as well as options available within the same insurance company. Inquire if you can get all your requisitions under one roof. There is a possibility that they merge two or more policies to provide you with the covers you are looking for. This is generally called personalization of the insurance policies. Seek advice from experts if you can avail all theses insurance covers and still acquire all of the covers you wish to. If you are lucky enough to get one, this will be the best life insurance rate. Cut down whatever is extra in your insurance cover. When you do not want it, there is no use wasting money on it. You can simply ask your agent to cut it down and take off the related amount out of the insurance rate.

Finally, think about how much insurance coverage you are looking for. Life insurance policy packages present coverage for a pre-set tenure, may it be 1 or 2 decades or 25 years or whatsoever is decided in case of term life insurance policy and lasts until you last on this planet in case of whole life insurance policy. The rate of the life insurance is directly proportionate with the number of years your policy lasts.

Here are a few points that again can bring a fluctuation in your life insurance rate :

• Smokers are likely to die much earlier than the teetotalers do. So you can save your 20-30% of the insurance rate if you are not smoking.

• Your medical check-up is done at the time of policy. If you are found medically fit with no problems present or approaching, you are likely to pay best life insurance rate.

• Your profession too plays a vital role in determining your insurance rate. If you are in a profession that is dangerous to your health or life, like mining etc, you will have to pay extra price for your insurance policy and you may not be likely to get best life insurance rate. Life insurance rates may differ in varied cases. So, in order to make the bets out of the insurance covers, promise yourself a healthy lifestyle and quit smoking to reap the benefits.