Five tips for setting up a study area in a studio apartment


Finding a productive study space in a small apartment can be an uphill battle, especially if you are completing a degree as an adult. Colleges are full of tough coursework and challenging exams, and trying to balance them with the obligations of the right study environment makes matters worse.

Earning your masters degree online is not easy. You have to study hard if you want to graduate on time. With some strategy and planning, you can easily create a study area to tackle this assignment. If you don't have one, here is how to get a place organized.


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Dedicate a specific space

First of all, look for an apartment near your college or university so that you don't spend too much time commuting up and down. The next step is to earmark a good study area in the limited space you have found. It should be large enough to fit a desk, with some books, and bookshelves to hold them. A corner of the apartment will work best, in such a case.


Create privacy

For any working environment to be fruitful, a dedicated distraction-free zone is a must. Put your phone on silent mode to maintain focus and time management. Gmuve sanctity to your study space by just devoting it for learning and nothing else. Playing soft music is the best way to drown out outside noises or other distractions. If you need a bit of prompting before studying, try some essential oils that are good for retention and concentration. Rosemary and lavender oils give the best results.


Comfort is the key

You will find concentration difficult if you are uncomfortable. Studying slouched back on the couch will make you lazy and defeat the studying process. Instead, choose a chair that offers the best ergonomic support to put you in a position that improves posture, mood and makes going through the lessons a breeze. From standing desks to hanging hammocks the choices in the market are endless today.


Light it up

Straining your eyes on the computer in dim light will not only give you a headache, it will make it impossible for you to concentrate for long periods. Adequate lighting is a must, but having said that, not any light will do. For creating the perfect inspirational study space, try and incorporate a mix of natural and artificial lighting. Sunlight keeps the body alert, so place your desk near a window or door. Artificial lighting is best for viewing study materials and working on the laptop.


Give it the finishing touch

Personalize your chosen space in such a way that it inspires you to get your work done. Adorn it with calming colors and get rid of all the clutter. Good decor in your study area will always keep you motivated, whether it is a set of embroidered pillows or just a statue of a religious figure. Choose vivid patterns and hang pictures of families and friends on the walls.