4 Key Features Boston Renters Should Look For In A New Apartment


Are you considering moving into an apartment in Boston? You need to know what features to look for to improve your quality of life and ensure that your apartment meets your needs.

Ready to learn about the four key features you should look for when renting in Boston?

Keep reading as we discuss home features to look for, security features to look for, amenities, and more!


Minor Upgrades That Make A Difference

When it comes to finding a new apartment, you want some relatively new features. Moving into an apartment that's already worn down and heavily used will only become more run down throughout your tenancy. And, since you'll be renting, you may not be able to make any updates to the apartment.

So, look for an apartment where some key features have been updated recently. Here are a few essential minor upgrades to look for when browsing for an apartment:

  • New kitchen - you want a new or at least relatively new one. A grease-stained oven will be pretty unpleasant and difficult to clean. Look for new appliances, like a new fridge, stovetop, oven, or microwave. If these appliances are new, you won't need to clean and restore them or replace them if they break.
  • New bathroom - you can clean some grime in your bathroom, sure. Or, you can even regrout some moldy tiles. But you can't replace rusty showerheads and rusty towel rails. Looking for new bathroom features will help you to avoid unpleasant-looking wear and tear in your bathroom that you might not be able to correct.
  • Painted walls - Try to look for an apartment with newly painted walls. Some landlords won't allow renters to paint the walls in apartments, so it's best to move into an apartment with new, neutral, painted walls.
Packing boxes
  • Updated carpets - it can be difficult to clean stains from carpets. So, if you're moving into an apartment with carpet flooring, check how new the carpet is and whether there are any stains you could struggle to get out of in the future.



Secondly, you shouldn't consider the amenities when choosing a new apartment. Extras can make a difference in how much an apartment suits your lifestyle and accommodates easy living. Here are some of the most commonly sought-after amenities to look for in an apartment:

  • Gym and fitness center - many apartments have on-site gyms to allow residents to work out without traveling across town early in the morning. Having a gym on your doorstep can help you to maximize your time if you work out every day and can prevent you from wasting time walking to the gym each day.
  • Swimming pool - if you like to swim daily, you might be better off looking for an apartment building with an on-site swimming pool. However, this feature is a highly sought-after amenity, so you should factor this into your budget.
  • Laundry facilities - if your apartment isn't too big, you might not wish to waste space with a washer and dryer. So, look for an apartment building with on-site laundry facilities so you can easily wash your clothes, bedding, towels, and textiles regularly.
  • Communal areas - if you'd like to get to know your neighbors in your new place, you should look for apartments with communal cafe areas or dining areas that can help you get to know the people in your building.


Robust Security

Above all else, you should look for an apartment complex with robust security. The security in your new apartment should cover the following things:

  • Surveillance - the building should be fitted with a security camera system that documents any incidents on the property. This evidence could be vital in a police investigation or insurance claim. Additionally, don't forget to think about security cameras for parking lots. Your vehicle needs protection, and you need to feel safe walking to your car at night.
  • Alarm systems - you need to know if the building is on fire or if an intruder is in your building or home. Look for a building with alarms for fire detection, carbon monoxide detection, and intruder detection.
  • Access control - traditional key and lock systems are no longer sufficient to keep intruders out. Look for a building with access control systems using keycards, fobs, or mobile credentials. This way, you won't be vulnerable to lockpicking.



Everybody wants a large apartment, but there is more to it than size. You need an apartment big enough to fit all your things, but more importantly, you need a spacious layout that allows for more creativity when it comes to your furniture and decor.

Open-plan apartments are a great option, as finding space for your things is less awkward, and unnecessary walls do not limit you. To find a more spacious apartment, you should consider raising your budget or expanding the neighborhoods you're considering moving into.



Finding a new apartment is tricky, and you want to be happy in your new place. By following the tips listed above, you're sure to find an apartment that suits your needs, keeps you safe, and provides what you need for your lifestyle. Always think about your daily routine in a place before buying to see if the home accommodates your lifestyle and daily habits. The trick is to make life as easy for yourself as possible!