What to Expect from Your Apartment Block Owner or Manager


It is estimated that 45% of property owners manage their real estate while 44% hire someone or outsource management to a third party. If you are living in an apartment block that is overseen by a property management company, it is important to know what their responsibilities are when it comes to maintaining and repairing a rental unit. Should you encounter problems with your residence, you will find out immediately if you need to do it yourself or escalate the matter to the property manager saving time and resources.


Regular Maintenance and Emergency Repairs

One of the main tasks of block managers is to ensure that the property is in a safe and habitable condition. Therefore, managers must see to it that regular maintenance is carried out. For example, if the block is a high rise building with windows that must be cleaned from the outside, the administration can hire a suitable window cleaning company to do the task. Periodic cleaning of windows ensures that grime, dirt, and dust are removed that will protect residents from diseases and allergies. More natural light will also flow through the apartment if the windows are spotless. Another important task that a property manager must do is to take care of communal areas. Entrances, corridors, stairways, gardens, and parking lots are spaces that must be kept cleaned and maintained.

Furthermore, it is the responsibility of management to make sure that the property is safe for living. Hence, block managers must see to it that all aspects of the property are compliant with current building codes. Safety routine property inspections will be coordinated with the proper authorities. These will include elevator maintenance, fire safety inspections, and asbestos testing.

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Complaints and Issues

Living in an apartment block will not always be harmonious. Sometimes, there will be conflicts among tenants and the tensions can become unpleasant. Noise is often a major issue that arise between renters. Odors, smoking, and animals may become sources of disagreement among residents or neighbors.

When such conflicts arise, it is the duty of the property manager to deal with feuding tenants. One way to do this is to go back to the lease agreement where inappropriate behaviors might be mentioned such as loud noises in common areas or threats of physical altercations. The best scenario is that tenants resolve their problems on their own. But, if the manager is obliged to step in, they must listen to the complaint, arrange a meeting between parties, and document the grievances. For physical threats to residents that could put them in danger, the manager should contact the police immediately.

Tenants in an apartment complex can turn to property managers for several concerns such as maintenance or repairs. In addition, block managers can also intervene if there are conflicts among neighbors.