What is Property Management? Everything you need to know


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Are you one of those property owners who purchase the property and are unable to handle it? If yes, then you are scrolling through the right guide. Property management in Moncton can be a time-consuming and daunting task.

So, if you have a rental property in your hand and you are thinking about becoming a landlord. You might think about considering a property management company. In this article, you'll find all the answers to the questions that come to every landlord's mind before hiring a property management company.

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What is Property Management?

Property management is the process of managing residential, commercial, and industrial properties. It includes properties like shopping centers, detached houses, apartments, and condominium units. It generally involves assisting property owned by another commodity or party. On behalf of the landlord, the property management company works to protect the integrity of the property while increasing revenue. These companies can help run the business and manage day-to-day responsibilities. These companies do everything from move-out cleaning, maintenance, rent, repair, and many more.


Types of Property Management

Property management is the broad term that contains the practice of managing real estate. The difference between different property management types is usually in the property they focus on, like facilities, individual homes, buildings, etc.

  • Residential Property Management- Residential property management companies are experienced in managing residential property on behalf of the owner. These are generally hired for rental properties, and they control the rental process. It includes single and multi-family homes, townhouses, apartments, manufactured homes, and vacation rentals.
  • Commercial Property Management- A commercial property management company works between the owner and the tenant. The process includes screening the tenants, checking the tenants' backgrounds, making leases, and many more. Commercial property management companies have hotels, restaurants, malls, gas stations, and doctors' offices.
  • Industrial Property Management- Industrial property management includes industrial properties that can benefit from management. These are heavy manufacturing facilities like automotive plants, steel mills, warehouses, distribution facilities, and food packaging factories.


Roles of Property Management Companies

A property management company is typically responsible for everything from screening tenants to handling repairs and maintenance. A company can bring knowledge and experience, helping to run the property most efficiently. Some of the duties are mentioned below:

  • Tenant assessment
  • Schedule rent notices
  • Track maintenance and repair
  • Smooth move-in of tenants
  • Problems with defaulters

Tenant assessment- A thorough review of the tenant is the best course of action for an owner. It's an important reason why every landlord should take the help of an asset manager. Generally, property management companies screen all applicants for eligibility criteria that comply with all applicable home equity laws. These assessments include a background check and credit assessment to ensure the applicant has no criminal records, prior dismissals, or expenses.

Schedule rent notices- Another essential role of the property management company is to schedule notices & process rents and pay them to landlords. Legitimate real estate companies provide many ways to make it easier for tenants to pay rent. Moreover, homeowners prefer to pay online because it allows tenants to set up automatic payments so they can send payments without forgetting.

Track maintenance and repair- When the issues like maintenance and repair arise, then a property management company arrives. Moreover, one of the vital responsibilities of companies is to provide 24/7 response to medical care. Some companies use expert after-hours tools to solve these problems. So, if you don't want to handle these calls from tenants, after-hours is one of the great benefits of having a property management company.

Smooth move-in of tenants- One residential management responsibility is ensuring mobility is hassle-free and easy. Some tasks the property management company has performed on or before moving in include but are not limited to saving a deposit. The first month's rent plus parking fees, leasing and signing according to the specific rules of the property, and providing tenants with a welcome package containing important information, contact information, watchdog responsibilities, and local information.

Problems with defaulters- Sometimes, with the greatest caution, tenants are many times below rent. However, the landlord will start eviction as needed to collect rent and follow tenant rules. A passion for communication can often resolve these issues with the tenant to avoid legal costs. It involves sending information to start an eviction, sending required notices, and facilitating tenant removal. It can be frustrating, so having a reputable third-party person on your behalf who can make the job more efficient and protect you from nasty tenants is good.



In conclusion, property management companies can be a significant asset for managing your property without the stress. These highly reputable companies have the best solutions for keeping your property well-maintained. These can also help you in many ways, such as solving problems with defaulters, tenant assessment and screening, scheduling rent notices, etc.