Top Ways to Keep Your Rental Apartment in Great Condition


Rental apartments, if managed right, can create a large and constant profit. However, as a landlord, you should keep in mind that it is not as easy as it looks on the surface. Nobody likes to live in a place that is dirty or has constant maintenance issues such as wiring and heating, so you have to make sure that the condition of your property is always on a high level. Once you make sure that it is constantly in good shape, be sure that you will have a proper income from it every month. If you follow the tips given down below, you will have no problem creating healthy profits.


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How To Keep Your Tenants Happy?

As a landlord, in order to keep your tenants happy, especially the ones you are satisfied with, you should consider conducting routine maintenance, and timely repairs whenever they are required at the apartment. Also, be sure to be in touch with your tenant after the repairs are done so that you would be sure they were all done right. That is also a good way to learn which repair companies you can trust in the future, and whose numbers you should delete from your phone book. It is a smart move to document the shape of the apartment before and after the maintenance work is done.

Exterior Of The Property

You should always make sure that all the wood on the exterior of your property is painted. If you don’t make sure that these sorts of areas are not painted and looked after can lead to deterioration of the wood and the repair can be very expensive. The gutters should always be kept clean. Otherwise, they will be filled with water, which could eventually lead to water penetration into your home. You should also make sure all windows and doors are free of any gaps. This will prevent water penetration and heat loss in your apartment. Your tenants will thank you for this.

Interior Of The Property

You have to care for the HVAC System. Keep your property safe by having the heating and air conditioning system cleaned and inspected annually. Also, keep in mind that the filters should be changed monthly. With this method, your system will surely run better. Make sure that there is no vegetation near the exterior air conditioning unit so that the air flows through it properly. Since this is a choir that should be done on a regular basis, make sure that your tenants know that it is their responsibility.

Aside from that, there are other important factors you always have to keep in mind with the inside of your property. You need to make sure the water heater is working fine because it is among the most important aspects of a property. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors regularly. With that, you will assure your tenants that they live in a safe apartment. Always re-caulk showers and bathtubs to prevent mold and leaks. By doing this, you can prevent further damage and more expensive repairs. Tighten any handles, knobs, locks, faucets, etc.

Other obligations are checking if your fire extinguishers are working properly since you never know when you are going to have an emergency, and doing pest control regularly because nobody likes to share space with insects and rodents. To make sure everything is always in order you could do routine inspections so that you always know what is going on and hire a caretaker who will always make sure everything is fine and alert you if something needs to be done.

Should You Rely On Your Own Skills Or Hire A Professional?

There is a commonly asked question we ask ourselves: Can I repair this properly and save money by doing it? Unfortunately, the answer is usually "no". The do-it-yourself (DIY) approach might seem like a smarter move because it is cheaper, but you should have in mind that it is time-consuming and that the quality of the repair is not as high compared to professional contractors.

Repairs often require a set of skills, and you also need to figure out where the initial problem is so that such issues wouldn't reappear. Problems like plumbing or electrical fixes can be very complex and a professional is usually needed because he will know exactly what to do. Services often have a handyman available 24/7 while you would have to be dragged out of your bed if there is something urgent.

Aside from that, tenants don't like to live in apartments where there is a constant need to repair something, and they will be happier staying in a place where they are assured that everything is safe and intact. According to the team from a bathroom renovations Sydney company, there are more than enough options for you as a landlord to find high-quality renovation and maintenance help. For example, a newly renovated rental property will make sure both you and your tenants are satisfied. You can also take care of your bill later if you do not have the money at the time.

How Do You Make Sure Everything Is Fine Through Regular Inspections?

In the end, a good landlord should always make sure that his property stays in good shape, and one of the best ways to do that is in detailed inspections of the apartment. There are multiple types of inspections the owner could do:

When a new tenant is moving in

This has a mutual benefit since the tenant can immediately express any concerns he or she might have, while the landlord can document the shape of the apartment at the moment someone new is moving in.

Regular routine inspections

You can maintain a healthy relationship with your tenant by coming to an agreement to visit the apartment from time to time to make sure everything is in order. Whoever lives in your apartment at the time will be aware of this and thus will keep the place in good shape. These inspections can even be agreed upon in the contract the tenant signs.

Inspecting the outside condition

As a landlord, you should sometimes come by your property and look at what is going on from a distance. You might spot something you did not allow, like for example a pet.

Inspecting the place when the tenant is moving out

This should co-exist with your move-in inspections since this is the best way for you to make sure that your tenant is leaving your property in the same condition he or she arrived in.




In order to keep your rental place clean, safe, and in good condition, you need to constantly take care of it by letting professionals handle your maintenance, making sure your tenants are keeping their end of the contract, and do routine checkups frequently. This way both you and the person occupying your apartment at the time will not have to worry about a thing and your monthly income will be guaranteed.