Tips to Prep A House For Sale In 2020


Selling your property can be one daunting task, from sourcing buyers, listing with agents, and going through all the buying process hurdles. On the other hand, with shrinking global demand, it can be a tall order to find a buyer.

This, therefore, calls for good preparation that can yield a good first impression to prospective buyers while also enhancing your house's value. Also, this plays a huge role in attracting cash offers from buyers like Avante Home Buyers, other reputable firms, or retail buyers.

Preparation overall helps put the house in good light and clears things that can hinder progress. That said, below are top tips that can help prepare your house for sale in 2020:

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1. Do A Thorough Cleaning

The house needs to feel brand-new to any prospective buyer. Dirty sinks, poorly cleaned floors, or dirty compounds can distract the buyer, thus it's time to do a general cleaning of a lifetime.

Engage someone to help you remove any stains and clean hard-to-reach areas. Ensure the walls are squeaky clean, tiles are spick-and-span, and the ceiling thoroughly spotless.

The exteriors should also be well prepared, which includes dusting the walls, cleaning the lawns, and weeding the garden.

The best way to achieve success is by envisioning yourself as the buyer. Make sure even you would be impressed by the clean house. This can also help prevent negotiation problems or a bad deal. If you are looking to approach homebuying companies like Four 19 Properties, a clean house can help portray your property in a better way, consequently improving its value.


2. Declutter Your House

In normal circumstances, homes are littered with toys, work tools, packaging materials, and other items people deem necessary. Since your home will have a new occupant, you need to do away with them. These items will only make prospects harder to convince.

Donate some items to the less fortunate or your good neighbors. This will also help your move become easier. Put away items in kitchen shelves, closets, or other storage areas to help showcase the available space to the new buyers.


3. Depersonalize The House

Personalization or customized houses can be hard to sell. Therefore, your preparation to-do list should include removal of customized messages, designs, and items. Make the home ready for personalization by the new owners.

Below are some tips to further this point:

  • Remove Wall Hangings And Paintings - Despite how good they may seem to you, these may not appeal to the new homeowner. They may also suspect something is being concealed by the paintings. Store these items for your next home.
  • Pick Neutral Wall Colors - If you had painted some sections of your house to the liking of the members of the family, it's time to change things. Customized painted walls can reduce the value of your home. Ensure you use neutral colors that can be easily customized by the new homeowners.
  • Depersonalize The Garden - Sometimes, homeowners customize flower patterns in the garden or install customized flower pots and other items. Remove these customized messages to avoid distractions.

The goal is to help the home buyers envision themselves in the house. They shouldn't be hindered by the cost and hassle of removing customized belongings and items.


4. Conduct Some Minor Home Renovations

If your house has been lacking in shape, this is the time to spruce it up. This can help avoid buyers having a bargain control over you. Also, in order to sell your house faster, good maintenance and a few repairs will help convince or close sales.

Below are some areas that can be worked on:

  • Floor Outlook - Ensure the tiles are well maintained and are in tip-top shape. Replace old and cracked tiles. On the other hand, you can do a complete floor make-over to enhance a fast sale.
  • Ceilings - Replace stained, dirty, and old ceilings. Ensure the ceiling is in perfect shape.
  • Curtain Rails And Sinks - Replace defective curtain rails. Make sure kitchen, bathroom, and other laundry sinks are working well.
  • Toilet And Bathroom - These are important aspects of the house that ought to be in top shape.

Conducting a scan of the house can help you unmask areas that need repairs.


5. Showcase Selling Points

During the viewing, prospective buyers need to visualize the aspects of the house that convinced you to buy it at one point.

These can be highlighted in the following ways:

  • Storage - If your house has unique and innovative storage spaces, ensure they are well highlighted. This can be done by removing all the clutter and items stored there. You can temporarily lease some storage space to keep your things when looking for a buyer.
  • Windows And Natural Light - If your house benefits from good natural light, ensure you make it visible to prospects. This can be done by installing sheer curtains that allow light and air to flow inside the rooms.
  • Rooms Size - Ensure your prospect gets a better feel of the room sizes. This can be done by removing extra or unnecessary items.

There are various ways homeowners can ensure the selling points of the house are noticed. Eliminating all distractions like bad odors, stains, and damaged areas can also enhance this feature.



Preparing your house for sale requires extreme care and caution. This is a lifetime investment and, therefore, needs to be in perfect shape before hitting the market.

Decluttering, removing customized items and belongings, conducting minor repairs, and cleaning are some of the tips that can be utilized to enhance success when selling a home.

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