The Best Places to Take a Picture of the Boston Skyline


Boston is a beautiful city with a stunning skyline. There are many great places to take a picture of it, but here are a few of the best:


  1. Boston Harbor Islands: These islands offer some of the best views of the city, especially at sunset. You can take a ferry to the islands or rent a kayak or boat to explore them on your own.

  3. Piers Park: Piers Park is a 6.5-acre public park located on the southwest side of East Boston, Massachusetts, overlooking Boston Harbor and downtown Boston. The park has a 600-foot pedestrian promenade with stunning views of the Boston skyline. The park is located at 274 Northern Avenue, East Boston, Massachusetts. It is open from 6am to 11pm daily. There is limited free parking on marginal street and in the Piers Park parking lot.
  4. Boston Skyline


  5. CambridgeSide: This shopping mall in Cambridge has a rooftop deck with stunning views of the city. It's a great place to take a picture of the skyline, especially at night.

  7. Longfellow Bridge: This iconic bridge offers a unique perspective of the skyline. You can get some great shots from the bridge itself or from the nearby Boston Common.
  8. Boston Common


  9. Seaport District: This revitalized waterfront area has some great views of the skyline, especially from the Fan Pier Park. You can also get some nice shots of the harbor and the Boston Tea Party Ships from here.
  10. Boston tea party


  11. Prudential Tower: The Prudential Tower is the tallest building in Boston, so it offers some of the best views of the city. You can go up to the observation deck for a 360-degree view, or you can take a picture from the ground level.

  13. Spectacle Island: This island in Boston Harbor is a popular spot for day trips and picnics. It also offers some great views of the skyline, especially from the eastern side of the island.

  15. Fan Pier Park at night: This park in the Seaport District is a great place to take a picture of the skyline at night. The lights from the city create a beautiful backdrop for the skyscrapers.
  16. Boston Fan Pier


  17. The MIT Sailing Pavilion: This is a popular spot for photographers, and for good reason. The pavilion offers a clear view of the skyline, and you can often catch sailboats in the foreground of your photos.
  18. view of Boston


  19. The Harvard Bridge: This iconic bridge is another great spot for taking pictures of the skyline. The bridge spans the Charles River, and it provides a unique perspective of the city.

  21. The Longfellow Bridge: This bridge is located further downstream from the Harvard Bridge. It also offers a good view of the skyline, but it's a little less crowded than the Harvard Bridge.


No matter where you choose to take your picture, be sure to go during the golden hour (the hour before sunrise or after sunset) for the best light. And don't forget to bring your camera with a good zoom lens!




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