Temporary transformation:
Peel and stick wallpaper for renters


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People who cannot afford to buy their own spaces live in rental homes and apartments. Buying a home these days is a very big achievement. Even if you don’t have a home and live in a rental apartment, you can always make it look like your own place by adding some personalized touches. Apart from the furniture that you have kept in the rental space you can add colors to your walls using peel and stick wallpapers. Peel & stick wallpapers offer a temporary and non damaging solution to transform your rental property without risking anything.


Use wallpaper in your rental space

People who rent out their houses are often very particular about the rules and regulations. If you want to make a rental space look good without breaching the contract, you can do it with the help of peel and stick wallpaper. These wallpapers are the best as they are easily removable. When you plan to leave your rental space you can take the wallpaper along with you. The durability of peel and stick wallpapers allows them to retain their shape for a long time. Here are some ways in which you can use peel and stick wallpaper as a renter:

  • Accent wall: A stunning accent wall can be created using peel and stick wallpaper in the bedroom or living room. Peel and stick wallpapers are available in different bold patterns and texture designs that can create a statement accent wall. If you want to add some spark and visual interest to your space then an accent wall is the best idea.
  • Cabinet refresh: Rental spaces can have dull and damaged looking cabinets. You can always up your game and give your kitchen and bathroom cabinets a refresh by using wallpaper on the cabinet doors. This update can instantly upgrade your lifestyle and add a sense of personal touch to your rental space. When you feel like there is a need for some color and fun just use a peel and stick wallpaper and get creative.
  • Room dividers: If your rental space does not have defined spaces you can use peel and stick wallpaper to create temporary room dividers. The wallpaper can be applied on folding screens and panels which can be placed to separate living spaces and create privacy. These are multiple ways in which you can make your house look good while increasing its functionality. Nursery peel and stick wallpaper is used in many ways inside rental spaces to add color and charm.
  • Window decor: The window treatments can be created using peel and stick wallpaper. You can cut the wallpaper according to the desired shape and size you want and fit your windows. The wallpaper will provide safety and filter sunlight out of your house while giving it a decorative touch.
  • Entryway upgrade: Your hallway or entryway can be upgraded using a peel and stick wallpaper. By applying the wallpaper from the nearest wall to the door you can create a stylish first impression for the guests that are going to enter your rental space.


Whether it is a new house or a dull space, peel and stick wallpapers are the best to give life to any dull area. The colors and patterns available in peel and stick wallpapers make them very versatile. Make good use of these wallpaper and make your rental space look beautiful and bright.