9 Reasons Why It Is Best To Relocate To South Carolina


Are you tired of living in your current city? Maybe there is just too much traffic, or the living costs are too high. Either way, you are ready to move to a new place.

You have decided you will relocate somewhere with both urban benefits and some open space where you can enjoy your vacation or travel to the countryside - a place where modern technology and nature co-exist peacefully.

We believe South Carolina is just the place for you.

Here is a list that will tell you why South Carolina will meet all your expectations-

Greenville, South Carolina

    1. Mix Of Nature & Civilization

    This is the first reason why you were bored with your last place. Everywhere you look around, you see busy people, traffic, tall buildings.

    It is rare to see a park or an open space where you can lie on the grass and feel the soil beneath you. In South Carolina, you can enjoy both the benefits of city and rural life.

    The cities of Charleston and Greenville offer not only urban development but also the sweet southern countryside. To me, the best part about South Carolina would be the Murrells Inlet. It is an ideal place thanks to the weather, beautiful views, and stimulating activities.

    2. Low Housing Cost

    The state does have some nice and cozy homes. But the best thing about them is the cost. Unlike other states, the houses are almost 13% cheaper.

    Not only that, your daily groceries and things you need are also cheaper by 4.2%. You will be happy living here, and so will be your wallet.

    3. Cheap & Easy Transport

    Going from point A to point B is simple and cheap in South Carolina. Gas here costs less than the national average cost.

    So, you can travel much further than you could have if you lived in other states.

    If you do not own a car, you can still move around quickly. The transportation service here is also cheaper, being 13.2% lower than the national average cost. You will travel the same distance, but you will still save money left and right.

    4. The Beaches & The Seafood

    So, you have saved a couple of bucks from your housing, groceries, and cheaper transportation.

    Now it is time to treat yourself to a little relaxing vacation. You can visit the gorgeous sea beaches South Carolina offers. The folly beach, The Isle of Palms, Hilton Head, there are just so many beaches around where you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

    And to top that off, there is a lot of exquisite seafood that you can enjoy.

    5. Friendly Environment

    South Carolina is quite famous for its sweet tea. But you know what is more precious? All the people living in South Carolina, of course. The neighborhood is friendly, helpful. The city of Charleston was even declared the third friendliest city in America in 2015.

    6. Pleasant Weather

    One thing many people find difficult is dealing with extreme weather. No one likes harsh winters or scorching summers. South Carolina has neither. The winter here is comfortable, and although it gets a bit warmer during summer, rainfall now and then cools down the weather and takes care of the humidity.

    7. Diverse Culture

    If you are interested in an environment that has cultural diversity, South Carolina is your place. You can learn about the local Native American culture, but the most fascinating is the Gullah history.

    They were a tribe of enslaved Africans and developed a mixed culture that many locals use to this day. One hundred twenty-five thousand people in America still speak in the Gullah Language.

    There is also a traditional annual festival called the "Spoleto Festival", where small-town attractions mix with wealthy theaters and art scene. You will enjoy every moment of this 17-day long festival.

    8. Abundance Of History

    So, you are a history buff and love visiting places that have historical evidence. Then you would definitely be happy living in South Carolina.

    It was here in South Carolina, where Fort Sumter is located, which started the American Civil War. Beaufort, the second oldest city in South Carolina, dates back to the 1700s - the first one being Charleston, dating back to the 1670s.

    Also, there is the old Sheldon Church, built between 1745 and 1753. The Botany Bay Heritage Preserve, built around the 1930s, also stands here.

    9. Less Worrying About Taxation

    If you want to buy a house, you will have to pay tax for that. But the benefit you get in South Carolina is that the property tax rate is considerably lower than many other US states.

    This is because South Carolina rarely relies on property tax. When you move to South Carolina, you will notice that you will be saving a lot of money, and sometimes, even you will be amazed to see how much you have saved.


Some Cons Of Moving To South Carolina

For everything right, there is also some bad. South Carolina is no different to this. There are some cons to living here.

    1. Housing Capacity

    Although we have mentioned that the houses are cheap, the cheap places are located in the non-coastal areas. If you are looking for a home near the coast for a fresher environment, you might need to spend a few extra dollars.

    2. Education System

    The education system in South Carolina is not the best. The ranking is pretty low compared to the rest of America's states, and if you are looking to get into higher education, the tuition is much higher than in some other states.


Charleston, South Carolina

Final Thoughts

Now, South Carolina is not a heaven on Earth, nor is it the worst place to live in. It might not be as developed as some other states such as Massachusetts, New York, or Washington. But where South Carolina shines is in its sweet hospitality, affordability, history, and most importantly, those gorgeous sea beaches. If you are thinking about shifting to a more green place than the city concrete, consider giving South Carolina a try. You will surely not regret this decision.