Qualities You Need to Look For When Buying a Vacuum Cleaner


Buying a new vacuum is a task that comes around every few years. There are, surprisingly, quite a few things you need to consider when working out what vacuum cleaner is right for you and your home. It's not always as simple as picking up the very first one you see in a store.


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There are a few top qualities we believe you need to look for when buying a new vacuum cleaner. In this article, we are going to share them with you and give you our top tips for what to look out for in a quality vacuum.


Bagless Vacuums

Right off the bat, we believe that bagless vacuums are the way to go. There are so many canister vacuums available these days. The professionals behind www.canistervacuumsforsale.com/best-bagless-canister-vacuum/ point out that they tend to be more powerful than their bagged counterparts, last longer, and also look better! Plus, when dealing with bags you have more expense and actually create more waste. If you've never had a canister vacuum before, you should definitely upgrade to one next time!

Strong Suction

Next, of course, you want the vacuum cleaner to have a great level of suction. Now, it can be hard to figure this out by simply looking at a vacuum cleaner. But, often they do share details on how much power they use. This can be an indicator of how powerful the suction is - though it isn't always true, as some companies have made highly efficient yet powerful vacuums now.

The best way to check this is to look at reviews and talk to salespeople. Finding independent reviews for a product can be hard, but spend some time researching and you will definitely get a feel for which vacuums are the strongest.

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Extra Features

There are myriad extra features on vacuum cleaners these days. Most common is the incorporation of a brush bar or roll bar in the head of the vacuum. This little spinning gadget is absolutely amazing at pulling up hair and dust from even the thickest of rugs. It helps you pull out debris that a regular suction vacuum would not be able to find. If you can afford a vacuum with one of these, we highly recommend it.

Battery Life

Finally, with the majority of upright vacuums moving away from cords, they are basically all battery-powered. Of course, you will have to charge the vacuum at the wall but then will get a varying amount of actual cleaning time depending on the make, model, and power level. Often, companies boast a lengthy battery life only for the small print to warn you that these figures are based on using the lowest level of suction. Make sure you research fully how long a battery tends to last on any given model.


These are the key things to look out for when buying a new vacuum. Low suction, short battery, and clunky bags are all things to avoid. You want a vacuum that will last a long time and do a good job.